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Verizon MVNO PagePlus To Launch $55/month Unlimited Voice and Text Plus 300 MB Plan

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular has notified its dealers that on Oct 25th it will be launching a new plan dubbed "The 55" which will include Unlimited Talk and Text plus 300 MB of data.  Although not mentioned in the announcement, I believe that the data overage rate will be 10 cents/MB, the same as it is on PagePlus' $44.95/month unlimited talk, text, 30 MB and $29.95/month 1200 minutes, 300 texts and 100 MB plans, which will continue to be offered.

The new plan falls in between AT&T MVNO H2O's $60/month unlimited talk, text and data (secretly capped somewhere between 1 and 2 GB/month) plan and the $50/month unlimited talk, text and 250MB plans from H2O and fellow AT&T MVNOs Red Pocket and Jolt.

Personally, I think there are better deals than this one including the AT&T MVNO's offerings, or if you don't talk a lot, T-Mobile's just announced $30/month unlimited data and text plus 100 minutes  plan. But if only Verizon provides coverage where you need it or you want to use a Verizon smartphone, PagePlus is the only affordable option.

If you are interested in this plan and don't want to wait until 10/25 to sign up, everyone who comments on  this thread at the Kitty Wireless Forums before next Monday Oct. 10th will be entered into a random drawing. The ten posters whose names are drawn will be able to enroll in "The 55, two weeks early.

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  1. Is Pageplus the only available MVNO option for Verizon. Because where I work I can only get verizon service but cannot afford verizon. Well anyway I would love to win "The 55" drawing..

  2. H2O CDMAis another Verizon MVNO. Also the phones with model numbers ending in "C" on TracFone, Net10 and StraightTalk run on Verizon.

    If the "The 55" meets your needs, StraightTalk gives you unlimited voice, text and data for $10 less, $45. Only downside is that your phone choices on StraightTalk CDMA are limited to pretty basic models.

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