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T-Mobile and Walmart Announce New $30/month Unlimited Data and Texts plus 100 Minutes Prepaid Plan

There's a price war going on between the US mobile operators that is driving the cost of prepaid monthly data plans lower and lower.  The latest move came today from Walmart and T-Mobile who just announced a new prepaid monthly plan that provides unlimited data and texts plus 100 voice minute per month for $30.

The data allowance is particularly generous. On capable devices, it provides up to 5 GB of high speed HSPA+ 4G which delivers real-world speeds of up to 7 Mbps.  If you exceed 5 GB, data for the rest of the month is throttled to a much lower speed, probably around 120-200 Kbps.  The voice overage rate is 10 cents/minute.  The announcement didn't say if the unlimited messaging includes picture messaging, hopefully it does.

The new $30 plan will be available only from WalMart stores, walmart.com and t-mobile.com. It's unclear what will happen to T-Mobile's existing $30/month plan that includes 1500 minutes or texts and a paltry 30 MB of data.

This is a ground breaking plan for several reasons.  First is that it includes a very generous allowance of true high speed data and does so at the lowest price yet for unlimited monthly data.  The other thing that makes this plan especially attractive is that on GSM based networks like T-Mobile there are typically no restrictions on which phone you use.  This plan should work on any phone that's compatible with T-Mobile's network including iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile devices.  However, I do believe that T-Mobile blocks their branded USB modems and wireless hotspots from using phone data data plans.

I expect this plan will be very attractive to a large class of users who use data hungry smartphones and prefer texting over talking. I expect it to set off a new round of price cuts from T-Mobile's competitors

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  1. This sound like what I am been waiting for thank you for your interest on prepaid phones you are very helpful.

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