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T-Mobile To Offer Prepaid Daily Plans?

According to a leaked internal document that showed up on TmoNews a few days ago, T-Mobile be launching some new prepaid daily plans on Sunday Oct 16th. There will be three options:
  • $3/day Unlimited - Talk, Text and 4G Web (throttled to 2g after 200 KB/day)
  • $2/day Unlimited - Talk, Text and 2G Web
  • $1/day Unlimited Text and 10 cent/minute voice
While I don't think these plans are as exciting as the $30/month unlimited text and Web plus 100 minutes plan that is also launching the 16th they will be useful for foreign visitors and folks who only need unlimited for a few days per month.

TmoNews has a long history for leaking  the details on new T-Mobile plans and phones long before they are officially announced. Still, I consider the new plans as rumors until they are officially announced.  

The leaked documents leave me with a lot of questions as the daily plans will actually work:
  • Is the daily fee charged only on days that you use voice or text or every day?
  • Do the daily plans carry over from day to day or do you have to manually renew them  daily?
  • Can you switch between the plans and pay as you go without effecting your pay as you go minutes rate?  
  • Will you be able to switch day plans on the My Account desktop site or by calling customer care or only using the unreliable and buggy My Account mobile web page?
  • Will the $1.50/day Web Day pass still be available?
If these plans are for real, I expect T-Mobile will make an announcement will full details early next week.

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  1. I should hope that you would only be charged on days that you use the service as Monthly4G prices are substantially cheaper than comparable daily services add up to if you were to use them every day. ($15 vs $30 +minutes, $50 vs $60, and $70(*$60) vs $90) (*new plan)

    I don't see these replacing the data day pass unless they are offered as day passes which seems like too good a deal to me. If that were the case you could leave your phone on normal prepaid for the odd incoming call or text then throw down $2 on Sunday and spend hours on the phone catching up with family or friends. Plus if you dropped $2 or $3 for 24 hours of data service you also suddenly have unlimited voice and texts for that same 24 hours.

    I think that it's much more likely that these will fall under the standard daily access model where you get charged once per calendar day for "using" your phone even if it's for only one minute or sending one text (or transferring data, look out auto-update!). This type of plan, especially at these new higher rates, doesn't seem like a very good deal unless you tend to, or plan to, use your phone heavily on a few select days of the month and not at all on others.

    For the $2 (or $3) plan; you would need to use your phone less than two out of three days of the month to be a better deal than Monthly4G with an average of more than 20 (or 30) minutes/texts per day to be a better deal than straight prepaid. Of course that's just voice and text. If you factored in the cost of multiple data day passes this becomes a better deal, especially on the $2 plan.

    The Walmart plan is the killer deal though, for light voice users. If T-mo had this plan three months ago I wouldn't have jumped ship to V-mo right before Beyond Talk 300 went up $10 a month. I liked T-mobile, I was a postpaid customer for 10 years, but I cut my monthly bill in half and I can't see switching back and paying $5 more for 200 fewer minutes a month.

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