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Boost and Virgin Mobile Launch Deployed Military Program on Veterans Day

Sprint has announced the launch of the Deployed Military Program for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Effective Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2011, the free program allows service men and women to suspend their accounts, but keep their phone numbers, while they are deployed overseas.

Eligible customers can call Boost or Virgin Mobile Customer Care and ask to be enrolled in the program for the period they will be out of the US. The account will require no Top-Up or payment during the deployed period, and any automatic payment activity will be removed. When the customer returns to the US the account will be reactivated with the original phone number.

In announcing the plan, John Carney, senior vice president-Consumer Marketing for Sprint, overseeing the Prepaid Group said, “We’re so grateful for the service provided by those in our military; dealing with mobile phone payments is the last thing they should be concerned with when preparing to leave. It’s our pleasure to try and make one small logistical task easier before being deployed, We look forward to serving them again when they return home and wish them the best while they are deployed.”

I believe that most mobile carriers offer similar programs for both prepaid and postpaid customers who are serving in the military overseas. If you or a family member is already deployed, or is about to be, I recommend contacting your mobile carrier and asking if they can suspect the account while the customer is serving overseas.

Poppy image by Defence ImagesSome rights reserved. The poppy, which bloomed "In Flanders Fields" where some of the worst battles of WWI were fought, is symbolic of Veterans Day.

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