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Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Hands On

I'm at Sprint's Open Solutions Conference in the Silicon Valley this week. I got some hands-on at the conference with Boost Mobile's new Android phone, the ZTE Warp, which went on sale yesterday at BoostMobile.com for $249.99 $199.99.

I shot a video of the Warp in action, which is embeded below. Sorry about the shaky narration and camera work, I've got a lot to learn about videography.

I was impressed with the Warp. It feels solid, if a little plasticky. It was stable and didn't miss a beat in my limited use. As you can see from the video, it's very quick at switching between screens and apps.

ZTE, which recently passed Apple to become the fourth largest smartphone vendor internationally, is new to the US market. The Warp is only the third ZTE Android phone in the US market. The others are the ZTE Score for Cricket and the Avail for AT&T GoPhone. Unlike the entry level Score and Avail, the Warp is a solid mid-range smartphone with a 1 GHz CPU, 5 MP camera and 4.3 inch 800 x 480 px screen.


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  1. I,m so impressed with the speed of the phone. It also has a high-end look. I plan to buy one here in New York.

  2. I,m so impressed with the speed of the phone. It also has a high-end look. I plan to buy one here in New York.

  3. speed looks great BUTTTTTT,,,looks like the wifi is on,,,though i could be wrong

  4. I think you are right, that does look like a WiFi icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I didn't notice it when I shot the video, Every other Android phone I've seen has the Wifi icon in the center or right of the status bar. WiFi being on would help with both the quick location fix and the fast map load.

  5. I took a look at the video again in full screen mode and the WiFi icon has a question mark (?) on it meaning that a WiFi network is available but is not configured and and can't be used. So the phone in the video is using the 3G network after all and my original comment about the speedy map load is valid.

    On the other hand, Android's location service will use any WiFi access point that it sees and knows about (and it almost surely knows about the network at the Convention Cener) so GPS was probably not used in locating the phone.

  6. nice for the finding of the wifi ?,,,,thanks didnt really take a close look, just did full screen and yep,,,i seen the question mark,,,awesome!

  7. anybody got this phone yet?? please do a full review of this phone plz..i would love to get one 2..

  8. http://boostmobilereview.com/boost-mobile-zte-warp-review/

    You get 3G service with the Warp

  9. Bought this fon on December6, 2011..I hve had nothing but problems with it since...and trying to resolve the problem is even worse than the phone being messed up. I have been trying since the 4th of January to return this phone for service and I am still waiting for a simple address to send it back.

    1. Well maybe because you got way back in 2011. Technology has advanced since 2011 so i think that it's just the way they had it last year. But since it's new don't you think they've made improvements.

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