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Boost Cuts ZTE Warp to $199.99 and Throws in a $55 Service Credit

Just two days after its release, Boost Mobile has cut the price of ZTE Warp Android phone by $50, from $249.99 to $199.99.  The price cut is not flagged as a sale or special offer price so it's apparently permanent. To further sweeten the deal, Boost announced on their Facebook page that any customer who activates a Warp on the Boost $55/month Unlimited plan by 12 PM Nov. 8th will receive a $55 service credit, making the first month of service free. Customers who have already activated the Warp will also be getting a $55 credit. I'm surprised by such a big price cut so soon after the Warp's release. I had some hands on time with the Warp on release date (see my video report). I was impressed by the Warp performance and haven't heard of any issues with it. ZTE is virtually unknown among consumers in the US and I'm guessing that initial sales of the Warp were so low that Boost felt it had do something.  Actually, although they are just breaking into the US handset market, ZTE is a pretty big deal.  They are the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world (after Samsung, LG and Nokia) as well as the fourth largest manufacturer of all types of mobile phones and the world's biggest maker of CDMA mobile network base station hardware. By virtue of its 4.3" 800x 480 px screen size and 5 mega pixel camera, the Warp is the highest speced Boost phone ever, making the new price, especially with the service credit, an very good deal.


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  1. As of Saturday, Nov 5th, this phone was not available for sale in Chicago. I have checked at Best Buy, Radio Shack, 7-11 and a local Boost Mobile vendor. I visited all of these locations in person and talked to salesmen about the phone. The best info I received was that it would be in store in a week. This makes no sense for Boost to make a great offer if no one stocks this item yet. Bad move on Boost's part.

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