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H2O Backtracks Again - Cuts Data to 2 GB on $60 Plan!

It looks like someone at H2O Wireless either made a slight miscalculation or had a change of heart.  A week after cutting the data allowance from "unlimited" to 3 GB/month on the $60/month "unlimited" everything plan the AT&T MVNO has cut it again, this time to 2 GB! 

I actually thought cutting the plan to 3 GB was a good idea. That's because it was never really unlimited, with multiple users reported having their data cut off in the middle of the month for "misuse". An honest 3 GB, or even 2 GB, cap is a lot easier to deal with than a secret one. I gotta wonder what went down at H2O headquarters that resulted in two pricing changes in a week. Did AT&T raise the wholesale price of data? Or did an O2O bean counter miscalculate? 

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