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Verizon MVNO PagePlus Ups Data on $55/Month Plan to 500 MB

Effective tomorrow Nov. 9th, PagePlus Cellular is increasing the amount of data included with "The 55" plan from 300 MB to 500 MB. The plan also includes unlimited voice calling and unlimited text and picture messaging. 

Note that if you are already on The 55 Plan your data allotment will not increase for the current month. You will not get 500 MB until the next time the plan renews.

PagePlus uses the Verizon network and has a variety of plans in addition to The 55. Popular plans include the "Standard" Pay As Go plan which only requires $10 every 120 days to keep active. The Talk and Text 1200 plan, which is Page Plus' most popular, includes 1200 minutes, 3000 texts and 100 MB of data for 29.95/month.

One of the nicest things about PagePlus is that you can use almost any Verizon phone, including smartphones. The only phones that can't be activated on PagePlus are phones sold for or last used on Verizon's own prepaid plans and phones blacklisted by Verizon for nonpayment or as lost or stolen.

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