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Deal Alert: Nokia E71 for Straight Talk is now $49.99

The refurbished Nokia E71 has made a reappearance  on the Straight Talk site today marked down to a mere $49.

The E71 is a nice, if somewhat dated, non-touchscreen Symbian QWERTY smartphone that's very slim, compact and sleek with quality, mostly metal construction.  The brand new StraightTalk E71 sells for $149.

The phone uses the AT&T network and requires Straight Talk's $45/month unlimited talk, text and data plan, The site will force you to buy a $45 refill together with the phone. But you do need a refill anyway as the phone is locked tight as a drum to StraightTalk. I've never heard of anyone successfully unlocking this phone for use on another network.

The E71 is a pretty nice phone in its own right but its appeal for many users isn't the phone but the unlocked SIM inside it. The E71 is one of only three Straight Talk phones (the others are the 6790  and E5) that come with unlocked SIMS. Unlocked in this case means the SIM  will work in any AT&T or unlocked GSM phone, including Android devices and the iPhone.

Just be aware that using a Straight Talk SIM in a non-Straight Talk device violates Straight Talk's terms of service and they would be within their rights to cut you off at anytime.  But people have been using these SIMs in iPhones and Android phones ever since the E71 came to Straight Talk over a year ago and I haven't heard of a single case of StraightTalk taking action solely because the SIM was in the wrong phone.

What will get you kicked off of Straight Talk is using too much data, which is easy to do with any smartphone, including the E71.  StraightTalk has a hidden data cap of somewhere between 1 GB and 2 GB/month, exceed it and you get one warning. Exceed it again and you are gone. To stay under the limit, avoid high data usage activities  like tethering you laptop to the phone, watching more than a few minutes of video a day or listening to Internet radio for hours on end

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  1. Straight talk,at $45 a month, is not all that of a bargain anymore, you can get T-Mobile's Walmart unlimited
    everything, no restrictions, for that price, and bring any unlocked phone, and also AT&T $50, unlimited, that include Intl text.

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