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H2O Wireless Cuts Data on $60 Plan Again, Cuts Users Off For Talking Too Much!

Back in September, H2O Wireless, an AT&T MVNO, launched an innovative $60/month "Unlimited" Talk Text and Data plan that worked with any AT&T or unlocked GSM phone including the iPhone and smartphones. The plan also included $20 worth of international calling and unlimited international tests.

This was a very big deal as it was the first unlimited everything plan that allowed you to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD).

When the plan launched I expressed reservations about whether the data was really unlimited or if there was a hard or soft cap, as is the case with most so called "unlimited" plans. So I wasn't started when I started seeing reports from users on Howard Forums and elsewhere of having their data cut off for "abuse".

Then two months after the Unlimited plan launched H2O cut the data allowance to 3 GB and eliminated free international texting. I initially though the switch to a 3 GB cap was a good thing, being up front about the cap is far more consumer friendly than having a mysterious undefined one.

But when H2O cut the cap to 2 GB a week later, I started to have doubts about H2O's business sense. It really shouldn't be hard to calculate how much data you can serve and still make an acceptable profit. It's as if H2O was pulling numbers out of a hat.

So guess what? Yesterday, H2O cut the cap again to 1 GB and also cut the international call credit from $20 to $10.

On top of that I'm starting to see a lot of reports of users having their unlimited voice or text service cut off for talking or texting too much! Here are a few examples:

On Howard Forums
On an H2O Authorized Dealer's Facebook page
At RipoffReport.com
At scambook.com
On another consumer complaint site

Now capping data on unlimited plans is intellectually dishonest but I can understand why it's done.  Mobile data bandwidth is inherently limited and except for Sprint, even postpaid unlimited plans have caps. But limits on unlimited voice are unreasonable.  If you advertise unlimited voice I should be able to talk 24/7.  I've seen some speculation that H2O's voice cap is as low as 5000 minutes per month.  That's less than 3 hours a day! There's no way that can be called unlimited.

You can find complaints about all wireless carriers on the web. But the high volume of people complaining about H2O cutting them off as well as many complaints about consistent 20 minute plus hold times for phone support and ineffectual support representatives raises a red flag for me.  I've removed H2O from my The Best US Prepaid Data Deals and The Best U.S. Prepaid Voice and Text Deals posts. In place the place of H2O I'm recommending Red Pocket Mobile and Jolt Mobile. They are both AT&T MVNOS that support BYOD and offer $60/month unlimited plans that include 2 GB of data. Both seem to have better support (Jolt even has 24/7 telephone support) and I haven't seen any reports of people being cut off for talking or texting too much with either of them.


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  1. And why, on god's green earth, would you want to use a phone Co. owned by a used car dealer?? You know the reputation they have!!! you can use AT&T prepaid directly for $50 a month unlimited everything, with no caps or limits, including Intl. texting.

  2. For smartphone users AT&T's $50 unlimited plan doesn't include any data making it more expensive that the MVNOs.

  3. 7000 that's the magic number. A rep spilled the beans. I still don't see how anyone can use 7000 minutes in a month. Texts yeah sure i average out over 10k a month. But since i use big i expect to pay big.

  4. Easier than you think. 7000 minutes a month is less than four hours a day. There are people that talk that much and more.

  5. Air Voice, an often overlooked Att mvno is offering a straight up 5000 minute/10000 text option for $35. Though not unlimited, that is a pretty good deal at that price. Air Voice needs to work on their data which maxes out at 500 mb but when Att has only that much, wth.

  6. I just signed up on Dec 23rd when it was 2gb so I was counting my data and used 1057 mb, thinking I had over 900mb left. Guess they changed without notice and I am cut off. Thanks for the notice H20.....

  7. I called them about this ready to blow a gasket and here is the run down on what they said: if you paid already for a month at 2gb, you will get the full amount you paid for. Then, interestingly enough, that they will only be scaling back to 1gb until March for 'upgrades to the network' when they hope to offer 3-4gb of data. Personally I am doubtful of their supposed future generosity and their supposed upgrades simply because they are an mvno but if perchance they weren't blowing smoke about future upgrades, that would be sweet. Did you really get cut off after you paid for the full 2gb?

  8. I too was cut off 1 week after paying their $60 so call unlimited service i'm very piss I was riped off by this company I will be droping them for sure everybody is bailing on this dumb ass company

  9. I'm a dealer for H2O .
    H2O cutted off 13 lines from my customers ,after the first day of their service! I called H2O and they say "my customer texting too much " .
    Texting too much in the first day of service and customers paid for 1 month ? Still got shut down with out refund ?
    Also , as current insider news " if H2O have no money to pay their bill from AT&T ,with in 2 weeks .
    H2O will shut-down by AT&T .
    Let wait and see ,who will be got shut down ? H2O or their customers ?

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