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AT&T Raises Prepaid Tablet Data Prices For New Users

Effective this coming Sunday, Jan 22nd, AT&T's is making some changes to its data pricing. Most of the changes only apply to post paid customers. The exception is with the prepaid monthly data only plans for iPads and other tablets which will change as follows:

  • The current $14.99/month 250 MB bundle is not changing 
  • The $25 2GB package will be replaced by a $30 for 3 GB one
  • A new 5 GB for $50/month plan will become available.
Current $25/month prepaid tablet plan users will be grandfathered and can keep that plan as long their account is active. They also can switch to the new $30 or $50 plans if they want. After Jan 22, 2012, the $25 plan will not be available to new customers who will have to choose from the $19.99, $30 or $50 plans

AT&T says the new options  "...give customers more data for more value".  It's true that the new $25 and $50 plans do have a lower cost per MB than the old $25 plan. On the other hand, for the many new tablet users who more than 250 MB and less than 2 GB per month, the changes represent a price increase. Personally, I suspect these changes are more about enhancing AT&T's bottom line than they are about saving customers money.

Source: AT&T Consumer Blog via All Things D
Image: Apple

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