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More and Cheaper Data and Roaming - Page Plus Plan Changes Are Now Live

Verizon MVNO Page Plus' delayed revamp of data pricing on monthly plans finally went live today, along with a previously unannounced reduction in voice roaming rates. Here's a breakdown of the changes. 

"The 55" plan now includes 1 GB (up from 500 MB) of data/ month for $55. As always the plan also includes unlimited voice and messaging. This is a special leap year promotion for 2012 only. After Jan 1, 2013 the data allowance reverts to 500 MB/month.

To get the promotion you must either already be using the plan or switch to between now and Feb 29th, 2012. New users start getting 1 GB immediately, existing users have to wait until their plan auto renews at some point between now and Feb 29. As there are 34 days between now and the 29th and monthly plans renew every 30 days no one will be left out.

To keep receiving 1 GB of data users most stay on $55 plan all year. If your switch to a different plan and switch back to The 55 you will not get the promotion. If your account doesn't have enough money to renew you have a 30 day grace period to add money and renew the plan. If you miss that 30 day window you will lose the 1 GB promotion.

Lower data overage rates on The 55 and $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text 20 MB Plans. If you use more than 1 GB on The 55 or more than 20 MB on the $39.95 plan you will be charged 10¢ for each additional MB. The old overage rates were 25¢/MB on The 55 and 15¢/MB on the $29.95 plan

Lower voice roaming rates on $39.95 and $55 Plans When roaming off the Verizon native network, Page Plus will now charge users 20¢ per voice minute on the $55 and $39.95 plans. The old roaming rate was 29¢/min. Roaming rates on other plans are unchanged. They are: Standard (PAYGO) Plan 29¢/min, The 12 Plan 59¢/min, Talk n Text 1200 Plan 59¢/min.

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