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NET10 Is Also Getting the Optimus 2X

The NET10 version of the previously announced Straight Talk LG Optimus 2X has surfaced at http://reserve.net10android.com. Except for branding and the fact that NET10's unlimited monthly plan costs $5/month more than Straight Talk's, the reserve page is identical to the one for its corporate sibling.

You can enter your zip code on the page to see if the phone will be available in your area and you can sign up to be notified when NET10 starts taking orders for the phone.

There is no mention of the phone's price or when it will be available.  But I'm betting on early next month at a price between $250 and $300. If that sounds high, consider the Optimus 2X's specs, dual core 1 Ghz processor, 8 MP camera 4 inch 800 x480 px screen.  That's a big jump in specs and bill of materials cost over NET10's best current phones, the $149.99 Optimus NET and $179.99 Optimus Q which have single core 800 Mhz processors, 3.2 MP cameras and 3.2 inch 24 x 320 px screens.

Although NET is being coy about what network the Optimus 2X will use, thanks to a leaked prototype, it looks like it will be T-Mobile.  However, I did get some unexpected results when I plugged various zip codes into NET10 and Straight Talk's reserve pages. If I used zip code 54235 (Sturgeon Bay, WI) where T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon don't have native coverage, but Sprint does, the page told me the phone was available.  But when I used zip 95460 (Mendocino, CA) which does have native T-Mobile (and AT&T) coverage but not Sprint or Verizion, NET10 told me the Optimus 2X wasn't available! Does this mean the Optimus 2X will be on Sprint? I doubt it, I think its more likely that America Movil's Web monkeys forgot to switch the zip code lookups' database from the Sprint one that other NET10 and Sprint Android phones use to a T-Mobile one.

Update: 7-Mar-2012 PhoneNews.com is reporting that the LG Optimus 2X for Straight Talk and Net10 has been canceled. This has not been confirmed by America Movil.


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  1. i hope its not on sprint, they are the worst! i am in if its on verizon for sure!

  2. I wish these phones would think about the people in Upper Michigan. We don't get T-mobile or Sprint. Please go Verizon Which would let a lot more people to have a nice phone.

  3. the new phone lg optimus 2x is goin to use sprint tower so yea

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