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Page Plus $55/Month Plan gets a Gig of Data, Lowers Overage Rates

Verizon MVNO PagePlus Cellular has just announced a 1 GB "Leap Year" data promotion for new and existing users on "The 55" Plan. That plan normally provides unlimited voice and messaging plus 500 MB of data for $55/month. However, anyone who subscribes to the plan between January 18, 2012  January 26, 2012 and February 29, 2012 will get a full gigabyte of data per month for the rest of 2012.

Existing "The 55" Plan users aren't left out either. As long as they renew between Jan 18 26 and Feb 29 existing "The 55" plan users  will also get the Gig of data deal. There are some gotcha's however. To continue receiving the promotion you must stay on the plan without interruption. If you switch to another plan and then back to The 55 after Feb 29th you will lose your 1 GB of data. I believe porting a number into an existing "The 55" account will also kill the promotional deal. Handset changes and phone number changes are OK and won't effect the promotion.

In other good news for data users, effective January 18th 26th, Page Plus is cutting the data overage rate to 10¢/MB on both "The 55" plan and the $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text 20 MB Plan. The old overage rate was 25¢/MB on "The 55" and 15¢/MB on the $39.95 plan. Page Plus' $29.95 1200 minutes, 3000 texts, 100 MB plan has had 10¢/MB overage for a while now.

Unfortunately, users on the pay as you go "Standard" Plan are left out in the cold with these changes. Data on the Standard plan will still be charged at the obscene rate of 99¢/MB. Which is a shame. The trouble with monthly plans is that they force you to buy more than you need. With pay as you go you only pay for the minutes texts and data that you use and no more. That's the way all services should be charged. By gouging on pay as you go data, Page Plus is pushing users who want data toward monthly plans that will force many of them to pay for more voice or messaging than they need. Page Plus isn't alone in this, almost all the UScarriers either don't offer data on pay as you go or overcharge for.

In fact, there is exactly one US carrier with a reasonable pay as you go data rate. It's PlatinumTel a Sprint MVNO with 10¢/MB data, 5¢/minute voice and 2¢ texts.

Update: the start of the leap year promotion and reduced data overage charges was delayed until Jan 26, 2012 and is now live.

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  1. I have been looking at Page Plus because I need a phone with verizon's coverage whrer I live. The problem is I use more data than text and voice. It would be nice if they kicked the $30 dollar plan data up to 300MB a data a month, and the pay as you go $12 plan data up to 25MB a month. Better yet make a plan with more data and with less minutes and text. Dropped the minutes down to 300, text to 1500, with 300MB of data.

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