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Free $50 Refill with Prepaid T-Mobile Android Phone Purchase

T-Mobile.com has a new free refill card with phone purchase deal. This time it's a $50 refill with the purchase of any of eight Android phones.

Eligible phones and their prices are the:

  • T-Mobile (Huawei) Comet -  $99.99 (refurbished)
  • LG Optimus T - 129.99 (refurbished) 
  • Samsung Gravity Smart QWERTY slider - $159.99 (refurbished) 
  • LG Optimus T in Black or Titanium colors - $179.99 ($149.99 until Midnight PST today Feb, 7 only)
  • LG myTouch Q QWERTY slider - $279.99 
  • T-Mobile (Samsung) Sidekick 4G - $329.99
  • Samsung Exhibit II 4G - $349.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G - $349.99 (refurbished)
Except for the Exhibit 4G which is $194.99 at  amazon.com with free shipping and no tax in most states, these are all pretty good deals. You are going to need a refill sooner or latter so the free card is essentially a $50 discount on the phone price.

T-Mobile's free refill deals usually only last between 2 and 4 days and so act now before it's gone.

Update: T-Mobile sweetened the deal slightly with an "after hours" special that cuts the price of the new LG Optimus T (both colors) to $149.99 (instead of  $179.99) until Midnight PST, today Feb, 7 only.

Promotion has ended


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