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Virgin Mobile's $49.99 Messaging Phone Sale

Virgin Mobile has three Beyond Talk messaging phones on sale for $49.99 now through Monday, Feb 27, while supplies last.

The sale phones (pictured above, clockwise from upper left) are the:

Samsung Restore (reg 79.99) QWERTY slider 2.4", 240x320 screen, 2.1 MP camera,  3G (EVDO rev 0)

LG Rumor Touch (reg $79.99) QWERTY slider 3", 240x320 screen, 2.1 MP camera,  3G (EVDO rev 0)

LG Rumor 2 (reg $89.99) QWERTY slider 2.", 240x320 screen, 1 MP camera, 2G (1xRTT)

All three phones are fairly similar and have slide out QWERY keyboards, 240x320 screens, a camera and MP3 player. You can compare the features here using Phonescoop. The Rumor Touch has a bigger screen and its a touch screen, however the Restore is newer and gets much better user reviews.

In spite of it's higher list price, the Rumor 2 is an older less capable model and there is little reason to choose it unless you're a Virgin PayLo customer. That's because the Rumor 2 is the only one of the three sale phones that can be activated on either PayLo or Beyond Talk.


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