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A Couple of Good iPhone on Straight Talk Tutorials

There seems to be a lot of interest in using iPhones on Straight Talk's new $45/month Unlimited Talk, Text and Web Bring Your Own Device Plan. Unfortunately, the process of making Apple's rather locked down phone fully functional on Straight Talk is not very straight forward. 

I've found a couple of good iPhone on Straight Talk tutorials and wanted to pass them along to Prepaid Phone News readers. The first tutorial is by a blogger who calls himself the DIY Disruptor. He put his own AT&T iPhone on Straight Talk and wrote up the process in detail. Unlike most other instructions this one explains how to get picture messaging working with the need to buy a $5 app. Read the tutorial here: 

DIY disruptor - iPhone and Android users: How to fire AT&T and cut your cell phone bill in half

The other tutorial is on the Howard Forums Wiki. It duplicates most of what DIY Disruptor says but has links to some iPhone jail breaking tutorials (a jail break is required for DIY Disruptor's MMS nethod but he doesn't tell you how to do it) as well as an alternate method for enabling MMS on the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking. The Wiki page is here:

Straight Talk iPhone - HowardForums Wiki (offline, use the Google cached version)


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  1. cant u just unlock it then add it to there network?
    with a sim?

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