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Free $50 Top Up Card with (almost) any T-Mobile USA Android Phone

T-Mobile.com is having another of their frequent free refill card with phone purchase deals. A display ad on the site proclaims

"4 day sale. Buy any select Android phone and get a FREE $50 refill card for your account. Use for a Monthly Plan or for Pay As You Go."

The key word here is "select". T-Mobile's best value Android phone, the LG Optimus T is not eleigible for a free refill card. The following phones are:

$99.99 - Samsung Dart
$99.99 - Refurbished T-Mobile (Huawei) Android phone
$159.99 - Refurbished Samsung Gravity Smart
$149.99 - New LG Optimus T Android phone
$279.99 - T-Mobile (LG) myTouch Q
$329.99 - T-Mobile (Samsung) Sidekick 4G
$349.99 - Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S 4G

If you are interested in any of these phones now is the time to buy them at what amounts to $50 off. This is billed as a four day sale so it should be good through Thursday 8-Mar-2012. To get the free refill you most purchase the phone from t-mobile.com or by calling tele-sales at 1-877-387-4324.

Sale has ended.


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