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Goodbye Glovebox Phone - 500% Monthly Price Increase on Zapp PAYGO

Zapp Unlimited is a year and a half year old Sprint MVNO that offers Monthly, Weekly and pay as you go plans. The monthly plans are pretty standard stuff ($49.99/month for unlimited talk text and 1 GB of data). But Zapp is the only Sprint MVNO I know of with a  Blackberry Plan. It includes unlimited talk, text, 1GB of data and BlackBerry BIS (which is needed for BBM, BlackBerry World,  push email, etc) for $59.99/month.

The one thing that was special about Zapp was their pay as you go plans, which were by far the cheapest light usage plans available on any carrier:

  • $10 = 200 minutes - 1 Year Expiration (5¢/min, 83¢/month)
  • $15 = 400 Minutes - 1 Year Expiration (3.75¢/min, $1.25/month)

If those prices seem too good to be true, they apparently are. Yesterday Zapp changed the prices and expiration on the pay as you go plan. The new pricing is:

  • $10 = 100 minutes - 60 days Expiration (10¢/min, $5/month)
  • $15 = 200 Minutes - 60 days Expiration (7.5¢/min, $7.50/month)

Percentage-wise those are huge increases, a 500% increase in the minimum monthly costs and a 100% increase in the voice rate. On the other hand they do bring Zapp into line with other Sprint MVNOs like PlatinumTel (5¢/min, $3.33/month) and Mingo (10¢/min, $5/month).

Along with the price increase, Zapp PAYGO plans now have data. It's available in the form of data packs in the following denominations:
250 MB for $11.99, 500 MB for $19.99 and 1000 MB for $29.99.
All data packs expire in 30 days and there is no rollover.

The price increase at Zapp will hit very light users the hardest. The only other prepaid carrier where you can keep a number active for $10/year is T-Mobile and that's only after you have spent $100 to became a Gold Rewards customer. Other low minimum monthly cost operators are Page Plus ($2.50/month) and PlatinumTel, Airvoice, Boost and T-Mobile without Gold Rewards which are all $3.33/month

Update 5-Aug-2012: Zapp is out of business. Customer accounts have reportedly been transferred to Prepayd Wireless.com, another Sprint MVNO.

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  1. Yeah but there website is the sooo sketchy. I would not buy anything from a site like that. It looks like it was made for a college internet design class from 2001. And Boost mobile has a Blackberry curve unlimited everything for 60$ a month with shrinkage which get the cost down to 45$ a month for unlimited Blackberry with BIS and BBM.

  2. Sprint mvnos used to have an edge pricewise in both paygo and unlimited. Some still do like Platinumtel but their lack of byod kills it when Att mvnos like Air Voice and H20 are cutting rates that approach , equal or beat them. Plus near unlimited gsm byod. Though Att's planning to reduce its support of 2g gsm devices soon. Supposedly starting with New York Metro. I hope it isn't too drastic and too soon. I love gsm's universal compatibility, especially at the 2g level. Not all 3g gsm devices will work on other gsm networks.

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