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New TracFone Triple Minutes for Life CDMA Phone

The Samsung R455C is now available on the TracFone Website for $59.99. This is a triple minutes for life (TMFL) phone, meaning that the face value of top-ups is tripled. In other words, a $19.99 60 minute card will add 180 minutes to the phone.

It's a QWERTY slider that has a 1.3 MP camera, MP3 player, micro-SD card slot and a 2.2 inch screen. It's app capable and can run Opera Mini and other mobile Java apps including Facebook's. Physically It looks very similar to Verizon's Samsung Intensity.

The R455C is TracFone's third TMFL phone and the first one to use CDMA technology. That means its home network is Verizon and that it roams on other CDMA networks like US Cellular. Overall, CDMA TracFones have the best coverage of any carrier (maps), especially in rural areas.

It looks like TracFone is now offering CDMA phones pretty much everywhere there is Verizon service. Until recently, the TracFone CDMA models were only available online if you entered a zip code for an area where there is no AT&T or T-Mobile service. Now I'm seeing the R455C and other CDMA models available with almost any zip code, including cities like New York and San Francisco where they haven't been available for several years.

The R555C is also available from NET10 for $79.99 and Straight Talk for $89.99.

Here's a video that sobeko1 posted on YouTube showing the Straight Talk R355C in action.

TracFone has an interactive tutorial showing how to use most of the phone's features as well as an 86 page PDF manual (download) (view online).

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  1. This is a great new phone from Tracfone. It is great to see that they keep upping their game. They are rapidly closing the smartphone gap. It is a gret option for someone who does not need the phone a lot.

  2. I'm still waiting for the touch screen and slide phone. this would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Does anyone have specific zip codes I can punch into tracfone's website so I can get this particular phone? I found lists of other zip codes that will show me CDMA phones but still won't show this one. I live in an area with AT&T and Verizon coverage so all my zip codes in this area only show GSM phones and I specifically like this model 455 (NOT 404 on GSM) for the CDMA network. Also, can any verify the voice memo is a working function in this phone? It's listed as a feature but even in the 86 page manual referenced above it doesn't show how to make it work and I read somewhere (I forget where at this point) that it doesn't work. Thank you in advance.

    1. It doesn't show up for me with CDMA only zip codes either which means it's out of stock.

      Target's weekly ad has it on sale this week for $49.99 (in stores only, not online).

    2. Use 92220 it will bring up both CDMA and GSM. It will give a choice of 2 cheap ones and The R455c and LG505.

    3. Use 92220 you will get a choice of the R455C and the touchscreen LG505C They are on sale for 59. with a 10 gift card.
      Or you can get it at Amazon also.

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