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Page Plus Makes 1GB of Data on $55/month Plan Permanent

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular is making a couple of improvements to the data allowances on their monthly plans.

Effective immediately, "The 55" Plan includes 1 GB of data per month, up from 500 MB, along with unlimited voice calling and messaging for $55/month. Data usage beyond 1 GB in a month is charged at 10¢/MB

Page Plus has been running a promotion that included 1 GB for the rest of the year as long as users stayed on the $55 plan. That promotion was originally set to expire on Feb 29 and was latter extended to Mar. 31. Now it's permanent and users can switch to another plan temporarily and switch back without losing the 1 GB promotion.

It looks like Page Plus hasn't updated their site yet. It still refers to the 1 GB as a "limited time offer". However Page Plus dealers have been notified of the change and Page Plus has announced on their Facebook Page.

The $39.95/month Unlimited Talk n Text Plan is also getting it's data allotment increased although not immediately. "Starting soon" the plan will include 100 MB of data per month, up from the current 20 MB/month. However, the overage rate, charged when a user goes over the monthly limit is doubling from 10¢/MB to 20¢/MB. The changes to the $39.95 plan are not in effect yet but you can be sure that Prepaid Phone News will alert you when they are.

Page Plus is an MVNO that runs on the Verizon network. Most Verizon postpaid phones including non-LTE Android and Windows Phones that have a clean ESN (not lost, stolen or flagged for non-payment) can be activated on Page Plus. Verizon prepaid phones can't be activated on Page Plus.

Source: Kitty Wireless Forums

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  1. thanks for this update

  2. Have you considered increasing the data allotment for the $12 plan from 10 MB to at least 20 MB as well? That would be a nice change!

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