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Republic Wireless Says $19/Month Beta Program Will Reopen in June With A New Phone

Remember Republic Wireless, the innovative start-up that launched with an unlimited voice, messaging and data for a mere $19/month in November - and then stopped accepting new Beta customers after only a day? The Beta was supposed to reopen in early 2012 but that hasn't happened.

It looks like there's new hope. Yesterday in a post on the company blog, Republic announced that the Beta will tentatively reopen in June. Users who would like to join the Beta are asked to "stay tuned", whatever that means. Hopefully it doesn't mean that everyone who already signed up at republicwireless.com/join will lose their place in line!

The blog post is accompanied by a timeline of upcoming milestones which include:

  • April: a new phone model to supplement or replace the LG Optimus S that's only phone that works with the service currently.
  • May: Republic will implement seamless hand-offs between WiFi and cellular calling.
  • June: re-opening of the limited beta.
Republic says it can offer unlimited service so inexpensively because its unique software routes voice data and messaging traffic to WiFi whenever possible.

The idea of shifting mobile traffic to cheaper, higher bandwidth WiFi is a sound one. I'm rooting for Republic to make this work but the sudden shutoff of Beta signups and the failure to make publicity announced dates doesn't inspire confidence. Hopefully the Beta will reopen in June and will stay open long enough to accommodate everyone who is interested.


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  1. What's so difficult to understand about the very brief and sudden shut-off of the initial Beta signup?? They clearly indicated that it was a BETA TEST SIGNUP, and they were flooded with people willing to give it a try. By definition, they can't support a huge customer base with a fledgling service. Doesn't inspire confidence? I say the opposite. They have enough business savvy and common sense to NOT sign up unlimited numbers of people without knowing all the potential issues with their service. Their current customers understand the whole Beta-testing concept.

  2. Hi Yeswap, do you know what carrier(s) Republic is using for their service? And also what are their data caps?

    1. Republic uses Sprint. For now there's no cap.

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