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Updated: "Very Exciting" Apple Products Coming to Boost or Virgin Mobile April 12?

Update: Hyperlink left a comment below pointing out that they are a master agent for postpaid AT&T and Sprint and that Apple's appearance at their event is to support the postpaid part of their business. I now think it is unlikely that we will see a prepaid Apple product anytime soon.
HyperLink USA is a big East Coast Wholesaler of Boost, Virgin Mobile and PayLo phones as well as Top Up PINs for many prepaid carriers. Today they posted the image shown above on their website.

Obviously intended for Hyper Link's cell phone dealer customers, it announces a trade show and open house at Hyper Link headquarters on April 12th. where "Your local Apple support team will be in attendance.. offering you a very unique look at some exciting new products"

The PDF announcement was posted on the open web with no password required to view it. A sharp eyed Howard Forums' reader saw it and shared it on the high traffic forum for search engines and all the world to see.

This might mean that the iPhone is coming to Boost and/or Virgin. Then again it might be something as mundane as a new point of sale product for mobile dealers that runs on Apple computers.

If it is an iPhone it won't be cheap. The full un-subsidized price of the least expense iPhone 4S is $649. The older iPhone 4 starts at $549. Apple's margin on these things is huge so they might cut the price a little to encourage prepaid sales and Sprint might kick in a small subsidy, but I'd be very surprised to see a prepaid iPhone for any less than $450.

Another possibility is an iPad, which is Sprint doesn't currentlyhave. iPads are sold at full price without a contract and AT&T and Verizon said prepaid date for their 3G iPads. It would made sense for independent Boost and Sprint dealers to sell top up PINs for a Sprint iPad. Possibly Apple and Sprint will even allow qualified dealers to sell actual iPads.

We may know more as soon as this Wednesday, March 7 at 10 AM PST. That's when Apple is holding a press event in San Francisco where rumor has it they will announce the iPad 2's successor. Apple is good at keeping secrets and likes to make surprise "one more thing" product announcements at these events. Will one more thing be a prepaid iPhone or iPad? While Prepaid Phone News wasn't invited to the Apple event we will be following along with the live blogs from Engadget, IntoMobile, The Verge and other tech sites, and if there is any prepaid related news you will see it here.

Update 7-Mar-2012: The new iPad with Retina display, 4G LTE, and improved camera has been announced. Still not available with Sprint mobile support let alone Boost or Virgin Mobile.

Source: Howard Forums


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  1. Virgin or Boost with an iPhone would be kind of wired. Both companies are heavily pushing Android as the operating system. Introducing an iPhone would definitely be game changing if Virgin kept there 35$ a month service. But It's really unlikely because they are launching another Android flagship phone the HTC one V. It would just be strange to release the iPhone and expect most people to want anything else. I personally want Virgin to get another Blackberry. But it's unlikely Virgin will add anything other than Android, Boost also seems to be pushing the Android. The most likely company to get the iPhone would be Ting, they already sell Sprint's phones at around unlocked price, and the iPhone would fit nicely there with a high price tag though probably the iPhone 4 8GB at around 499$ or 450$.

  2. How do you even get that Boost is getting the iphone from that flyer? No prepaid carrier can afford to carry the iphone plain and simple. Especially not Boost.

  3. Why would Apple announce a new product at a Wholesaler's event.

  4. What this article failed to mention is that Hyperlink dba Mobile Communications Plus is also a Master Agent for AT&T Mobility and Sprint. Apple will be in attendance to support the postpaid side of our business. Any speculations made in this article belong to the author and are not supported by Hyperlink.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I did not realize that Hyperlink dealt with the postpaid side of the business. In light of that I now think a prepaid iPhone or iPad is unlikely.

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