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Big T-Mobile Phone Sale - Exhibit II 4G $225.00 With Free $50 Refill

T-mobile.com is running an 8 day sale that includes some pretty nice deals. The sale is on now until April 19th. The main attraction is free $50 refills with the purchase of most Android phones. But there are some deals on mobile broadband devices too. Here's the full list

Samsung Dart Android phone (new) $149.99 with free $50 refill

Samsung Gravity Smart - Berry Red - Refurbished Android QWERTY phone $159.99 with free $50 refill ($229.99 with out refill if new)

LG Optimus T in Titanium or Black $179.99 with free $50 refill

Samsung Exhibit II 4G $225.00 with free $50 refill (reg 329.99 without refill)

T-Mobile (Samsung) Sidekick 4G $329.99 with free $50 refill

T-Mobile (LG) myTouch Q $349.99 with free $50 refill

T-Mobile Jet (Huawei) 2.0 4G USB Wireless Modem $19.99 with free $10 refill (reg $39.99 without refill)

T-Mobile SIM Card Activation Kit $1.99 (reg $6.99)

T-Mobile Broadband SIM ONLY Kit $1.99 (reg $6.99)

Shipping is free for all the sale items.

The best deal is probably the Samsung Exhibit II 4G pictured above for $225.00. This is one of T-Mobile's best prepaid phones with a 1 Ghz processor, 3.7" 480 X 800 (WVGA) screen. It's also one of the few Android phones with 3G and 14.4 Mbps 4G support for both T-Mobile's Band IV(1700/2100) and AT&T's Band II (1900) and Band V(850). Of course, the phone has to be unlocked to use on AT&T, but T-Mobile will unlock phones for prepaid customers.

Both Amazon and Walmart.com sell the Exhibit II for about $200. But the addition of the free $50 refill, which can be used to fund any T-Mobile prepaid plan makes this an even better deal.

Sale has ended

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