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GoPhone Data Packs Now Include More Data But Require a Monthly Plan

As AT&T warned some users with a cryptic text message two weeks ago, effective today GoPhone Data Packages are only available on prepaid monthly plans.

Users on the 10¢/minute pay as you go and $2/day Unlimited Daily plans must switch to a monthly plan to be able to purchase data packages. There are two monthly plans; $25/month for 250 voice minutes and unlimited messaging and $50/month for unlimited voice and messaging. The $50 plan also includes unlimited data, but only for phones that AT&T doesn't consider smartphones.

The changes aren't all bad. AT&T did substantially increase the amount of data included in the packages. The details changes are detailed on the AT&T website. Here's a table comparing the old and new packages.

Price Data Amount (Old) Old Price/MB Data Amount (New) New Price/MB
$5 10 MB 50¢ 50 MB 10¢
$15 100 MB 15¢ 200 MB 7.5¢
$25 500 MB 1 GB (1024 MB) 2.4¢

As before, the data packages do roll over if you add any new data package before the current one expires. So if you buy a $25 data package and have 600 MB left after 29 days, you can add a $5 package to which will give you 650 MB AND extend the data expiration date by 30 days.

For users who already used the monthly packages, the changes, which include more data for the same price, are a good thing. But people like myself who don't talk much and use Google Voice for messaging are going to have to pony up an extra $25/month just to be able keep using data. Or switch to a different operator. See My post Alternatives to GoPhone for Pay As You Go Data summarizing the best non-AT&T data deals.

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  1. in your example you made a mistake base on the new plans if wouldn't be 610mb it would be 650

  2. These new monthly plan deals are a rip. If you have a feature phone , you might as well spring for the $50 unlimited everything plan. And for smartphone users, Red Pocket/Jolt Mobile/Horizon Mobile's Unlimited talk/text/2gb is a better deal at $60.

  3. how does Jolt work for data? took a look at the Jolt website and can't seem to find details about data. only see that "Full Coverage" note on the default home page that talks about having the nation's largest wifi network which would most likely be AT&T assuming Jolt is really an AT&T MVNO. no thank you to Jolt if only wifi.

    and on Horizon, looks to be just monthly plans with the cheapest at $39. that's more expensive than AT&T gophone which is $25 monthly plan plus you add $5 data package for 50 meg that you can rollover. no thank you to Horizon.

    and on Red Pocket, the cheapest $19 monthly plan has no data, and the next plan for $29 monthly only has 10 meg for data. in comparison, for $30 total for AT&T gophone ($25 monthly + $5 data), AT&T is better than Red Rocket. so that's another no thank you. sorry Red Pocket but you suck too.

    it sucks having to stick with AT&T if you have an iPhone that you want to have on prepaid and when everyone else is worse or just as bad.

    for feature phones, might as well just forget all of those carriers and instead go with tracfone, forget internet, and pay much less every three months.

    1. Jolt uses AT&T and has data but it's very expensive on the pay as you go plan, $0.01/KB ($10/MB).

      Red Pocket's pay as you go plans data is also $0.01/KB

      Neither are good alternatives to AT&T pay as you go. For some better choices see: Alternatives to GoPhone for Pay As You Go Data

    2. thanks. your article on alternatives is helpful in pointing out the H20 and Airvoice options for my locked iPhone. H20 and Airvoice are like a toss up as far as data goes. but looks cheap enough to try both. looks promising but wondering about the downsides like using up data fast. oh well, probably end up turning off the 3G and Cellular Data (Edge) until only the times when i really need them on my locked iPhone.

  4. The calculation for the $5 package is incorrect. It should be 10 cents/MB, not 25 cents/MB.

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