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MetroPCS Reportedly Launching $25/Month Unlimited Plan

This is by no means a sure thing, but MetroPCS is believed to be launching a $25/month unlimited talk and text plan tomorrow, April 9. It's a promotional plan with quite a few gotchas. 

MMS (picture messaging) and data are not available on the $25 plan, only voice and text. 

The plan will be available to new customers only. Existing MetroPCS customers will not be allowed to switch to the plan except by starting a new line of service with a new phone number and a new phone. 

There will be a $10 activation fee.

The only phones allowed on the new plan are the (clockwise from top left in the image):

$39.99 Kyocera Presto candy bar

$49.99 Huawei Pinnacle  QWERTY candy bar with& MP3 player and 1.3 MP camera

$59.99 Samsung Freeform III candy bar, which also has an MP3 player and a 1.3 MP camera

MetroPCS phones may only be activated in the 19 metropolitan areas (Atlanta, Bakersfield, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City/Northern New Jersey, Orlando, Philadelphia, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Bernardino, San Jose, Shreveport, and Tampa) where MetroPCS has its own network towers.

All of MetroPCS' current unlimited plans include no extra cost roaming on Sprint, which the carrier calls the "Extended Home" coverage area. It's not known if the $25 plan will include this perk. It may not as there is an extra charge for Extended Home roaming on Metro's $20/month and $30/month Pay By The Minute Plans.

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