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PagePlus Price Cut - $15/month for Unlimited Texts

Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless is reporting that the price of the Verizion MVNO's Power Text unlimited text messaging add-on will be reduced from $19.99/month to $15/month effective May 23rd.

Power Text works with the Page Plus "Standard" plan which is a pure prepaid offering with a low 5-10¢ voice rate. It provides unlimited SMS text messaging. Power Text does not cover MMS (picture, video or audio messages) which are billed at the regular Standard Plan rate of 25¢ each plus $99¢/MB for the data used to send the message. The data charge can run anywhere from 5 to 50 cents or more depending on the size of the attachment. If you send or receive a lot of picture messages one of Page Plus' monthly plans that include data would be a better choice.

To add Power Text to your Standard Plan you need purchase a special Power Text PIN from Page Plus or a dealer like Kitty Wireless or CallingMart. Once you have started with Power Text it will renew automatically out of your prepaid balance. To get the best voice rate of 4¢/minute top up as needed with $80 refills. An added benefit of Power Text is Page Plus does not charge the normal 50¢ Standard Plan monthly fee on Power Tax accounts.

Source: Kitty Forum


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  1. t-mobile monthly 4g text plan is the best for unlimited text which includes pic, text, and video audio messaging for only 15bucks a month at 10cents a minute no data.

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