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T-Mobile MVNO Tuyo Shutting Down April 30th

Tuyo Mobile, a T-Mobile reseller which targeted Spanish speaking users has posted a notice on its website that all service will end on April 30th. The notice reads:

"We've been notified by our provider that TuYo service will be discontinued by April 30. Please port your phone to a different phone provider or risk losing service and your phone number. TuYo will refund your remaining balance. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Our customer service # is 1-877-438-8896."

The company will mail refunds for unused airtime balances. Call Tuyo at 1-877-438-8896 to request a refund and update your mailing address. Customers who wish to keep their phone numbers need to port to a different carrier before the 30th.

Tuyo which is a division of international long distance provider IDT Corporation, offered Spanish speaking customer support and inexpensive calling rates to Latin American countries. The service was sold mainly through Hispanic convenience stores and was also available through Sam's Club at one time.

Tuyo's shutdown is not unexpected. They reportedly had a long running billing dispute with T-Mobile and stopped accepting new customers in 2010.

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