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Virgin Mobile Grandfathered Rate Plans Going Away

Back in July of last year when Virgin Mobile raised the prices of their popular Beyond Talk plans they promised to let current users keep their old rates even if they upgraded phones. Here's a table comparing the old grandfathered rates with the current ones.

Beyond Talk - old and new (effective 20-July-2011) prices 

Old Price* 

New Price** 

Text, Data, Email & Web 

Voice minutes












*$10 extra for blackBerrys. ** No extra charge for BlackBerry.

It looks like that policy is coming to end. Today Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk users are reporting getting text messages from the carrier today that read"

"VMFreeMsg Starting 5/27/12, new smartphones will be subject to current plan rates. This will apply if you switch phones. Go to http://msg4u.us/src for info"

The linked page reads:

New smartphones are any phones launching in May 2012 and thereafter.

To best complete a phone swap, we recommend waiting until your plan month is finished. This will avoid you having to pay for one month of service twice.

The Beyond Talk Plan rates that would apply are as follows:

Web, Data, Messaging, & Email: Unlimited
Anytime Minutes: 300 min.

Web, Data, Messaging, & Email: Unlimited
Anytime Minutes: 1200 min.

Web, Data, Messaging, & Email: Unlimited
Anytime Minutes: Unlimited

The way I read this is that if you are grandfathered at the old $25 or $40/month rates, you can upgrade to any phone before May 27th and keep your current rate. After 5/27/2012 you can still keep your grandfathered rates if you don't upgrade or you upgrade to one of the phones that are available now.

Incidentally, that line about waiting until your plan month is finished makes no sense. Changing phones mid month is free and doesn't restart your plan month.

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  1. I think the issue isn't changing phones per se. Changing rate plans probably kills the remainder of the old plan's month and starts the new plan/new month that day. So if changing phones is going to force you to change plans, best to do it at the end of your prepaid month.

    I guess we'll be seeing new smart phones in May/June. Too bad I won't be getting one.

  2. I just called virgin mobile and was told that any smart phone acquired after May 1st will be raised to 35. on your next monthly payment due after May 27th.

  3. i asked if i could by a phone now and as long as it wasnt one released in may or later, activate it down the line when my current phone gave out, and they said no.... that would up my plan to 35

    1. Some of the Virgin Mobile support representatives are saying that any phone switch after the 27th will trigger a price increase.

      But the Virgin site says "New smartphones are any phones launching in May 2012 and thereafter." so I believe they are wrong.

  4. Goodbye VMUSA, Hello TMO

  5. From VM chat session: "Starting May 27, 2012, if you are using the $25, $40, or $60 Beyond Talk plan and you upgrade to a Beyond Talk Smartphone launched after May 1, 2012*, you will need to switch to the $35, $45, or $55 Beyond Talk plan. When you switch plans, you will need to pay for your new plan and you will lose any minutes, messages, and money in your balance. This will also change your monthly payment date. So if you are considering upgrading to a new smartphone, we recommend that you wait until right before your next monthly payment date to activate. . .You can keep the $25 plan with the following phones: VentureTM, LG ® OptimusTM Slider, HTC ® Wildfire STM, Motorola TriumphTM, LG ® Optimus V only."

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