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Virgin Mobile USA Rumored to be Getting the HTC EVO 3D

PocketNow.com is reporting that according to "a reliable source" the HTC EVO 3D is headed to Virgin Mobile USA as the HTC EVO V 4G. Release date and pricing are un-specified.

I am having a little trouble believing this one but PocketNow does have an excellent good track record in predicting new devices for Boost Mobile. They were the first to report that Boost would get the Samsung Prevail, Samsung Transform Ultra, LG Marquee and Samsung Replenish. Virgin and Boost are both Sprint brands and it stands to reason that if they are getting insider intel about one Sprint brand they are likely to get about another.

The EVO 3D is a WiMAX phone that can use Sprint's 4G WiMAX network. Sprint made a big splash when they launched WiMAX which delivers real-world speeds of up to about 10 Mbps nearly three years ago. But WiMAX development and speed seem to have stagnated (LTE is 2 to 3 times faster) and Sprint seems to have lost interest in the technology and plans to eventually replace it with LTE.

My concerns about the EVO 3D are mainly around phone and plan pricing. The Sprint EVO 3D lists for $599.99 without contract. There's a lot of markup in that price to encourage customers to sign up for a two year sentence contract. But it's hard to imagine Virgin selling the phone for much less than $400.  On the other hand, Sprint has said that they will no longer sell WiMAX devices after 2012. Maybe they have warehouses filled with unsold EVO 3Ds they need to unload and are willing to do so at a bargain price on prepaid.

The other unknown is plan pricing. Sprint charges customers an extra $10/month if they have a WiMAX phone, even if there is no WIMAX service in their area. I wouldn't be surprised if Virgin Mobile does the same.

All doubts aside, the  EVO 3D/V 4G would be a formidable device on any prepaid carrier. Although it's nearly a year old, its specs (1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4.3" inch Super LCD 540x960 px screen, dual 5 MP rear facing and single 1.2 MP front-facing cameras) can hold their own with the latest high end Android phones. Then there's 3D. It's a bit of a gimmick, but the phone is one of the rare few that can shoot and display glasses free 3D stereoscopic photos and videos.

Source: PocketNow


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