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Updated: $20/month 1GB LTE Was A Typo - Verizon's New Prepaid Mobile Broadband Pricing Is Nothing Special

I hope this isn't a typo (update - it is a typo, details at the end of the post) but Verizon's site is showing even better prices than previously announced for its new prepaid 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Plans. The rates are as follows:

Prepaid Mobile Broadband*
Monthly Access Fee $20 $30 $50 $80
Monthly Data Allowance 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
*No activation or reconnection fees, and no overage charges.
Yesterday's press release said that the new rates would be $15 for 250 MB of data weekly, $60 for 3 GB of data monthly and $90 for 10 GB of data monthly so this is a substantial improvement both for light users who get a month's expiration for just $20 and heavy users who get 10 GB for $80 instead of the previously announced  $90.

To see these rates. go to the Verizon Prepaid homepage, click "Mobile Hotspots / Verizon Jetpacks", enter a zipcode, click "Verizon Jetpack™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4510L Prepaid" click "View Plan Information".

If these prices are for real Verizon has gone from the most expensive to  the least expensive of all US mobile broadband providers. In addition, Verizon is the only US carrier to offer prepaid LTE and is generally considered to have the best overall coverage and the best LTE coverage of any operator.

The only downside to these new rates is that it looks like you have to buy a new $129.99 Wireless Hotspot to get them. But that's reasonable LTE hotspot and a small price to pay for blazing fast speeds, no contract and low recurring monthly costs.

Update: Unfortunately, the rates shown above are a typo on Verizon's part. The Verizon site has changed (image below) to show the higher rates quoted in the original press release.

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  1. Perhaps they have different prices for phone data vs MiFi data? That would unfortunately be normal enough. But Verizon being the cheapest at something? Definitely not normal.

  2. I confirmed with Verizon. It is a misprint. The tablet plans were crossed over. They are going to take a look into it. The original plans of $15 for 250 MB of data weekly

    $60 for 3 GB of data monthly

    $90 for 10 GB of data monthly still stand. Disappointing but factual.

  3. They don't seem to be in a hurry, I just tried their site and at 2200 MST it still shows the plans mentioned in the article for jetpacks.

  4. Still shows same plans in the article...

  5. I saw this also. I just lost my Best Buy Connect, they are shutting down. When I saw these plan prices I was very happy....this is what I was looking for. Make it happen Verizon, I use a MiFi while traveling, I don't and WON'T spend $50-60 for more data than I need, I will go with Virgin unless these prices are correct.

  6. Had a "chat" with an online Verizon person yesterday and asked about this pricing and if it was accurate, he said yes it was, absolutely. I even mentioned this website and others questioning the price accuracy and again he said $20 1gb month was correct. He kept pushing for me to order which I declined. Today I see the prices that WOULD HAVE made me a Verizon customer are now changed to the $15 week, $60 month. No thanks Verizon.

  7. I bought a jetpack, they couldn't activate it on any plan other than the higher plans, i returned it for a full refund.

  8. I've tested Verizon prepaid's CS and they have no clue. The bottomline is 3g broadband data: $15 for 100 megs/one day
    $30 for 300 megs, one week
    $50 for 1 gig/ 30 days
    $80 for 5 gigs/30 days

    Mifi LTE/4G "Jetpack" plans

    $15 for 250 megs/one week
    $60 for 3 gigs/one month
    $90 for 10 gigs/one month

    LTE/Tablet/Ipad plans

    $20 for one gb
    $30 for two gb
    $50 for five gb
    $80 for ten gb.

    All are monthly access.

    And that's all she wrote. For Verizon network lovers, I recommend Verizon prepaid 3G/LTE broadband.
    For Verizon network phone users, I recommend Page Plus. They complement each other beautifully.

  9. I emailed Verizon to voice my disappointment that the MiFi 4510L prepaid plan won't be what had showed on their site and asked them to consider making the pricing for the hotspot the same as tablet pricing. They did respond saying they do listen to input from customers, they also apologized for the misinformation.

    I hope those who would like to see a 1gb or 2gb at $20-30 per month will write to Verizon and ask for it.

  10. Don't they allow tethering via wifi for no extra charge for one of their tablets? That could still be a good deal if you needed a tablet...

    1. Good point. Tethering and using the tablet as a hotspot are permitted with any tablet on all Verizon tablet plans.

    2. Just looked at their prepaid tablets. $629 lowest priced 4G prepaid, so $500 more than the prepaid MiFi. Having a particular dislike for touchscreens and having just bought a new laptop, in my case it doesn't work out.

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