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Updated: Many Boost Mobile Prepaid Phones on Sale

BoostMobile.com has cut the prices of several of their non-smartphones. Plus there's a new coupon code that takes $20 off the price of two of Boost's most affordable Android phones. Read on for all the details.

Update 7/10/2012. The sale is still going on with a few changes. Several phones are no longer on sale and, except for the Warp, the Android phones no longer require a coupon. Read on to see what's still available.

The price cuts are temporary. Unfortunately Boost doesn't say how long they will last.

Motorola Theory QWERTY candy bar was $59.99, now $28.99

Samsung Factor flip phone was 49.99, now $39.99 Sold Out

Sanyo Innuendo QWERTY clamshell in blue or gray was $79.99, now $58.00

LG Rumor Reflex QWERTY slider was $79.99, now $59.99

Samsung Replenish Android QWERTY candybar regularly $99.99, now 79.99

Samsung Prevail Android phone regularly $129.99, now $118.99

ZTE Warp Android phone regularly $179.99, now $144.99 with promo code WARP35

Samsung Transform Ultra Android QWERTY slider regularly $199.99, now $178.99

LG Marquee Android phone regularly $249.99, now $228.99

7-18-2012 - Sale has ended



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  1. on the last boost phone u mad a big typo lol

  2. The LG Marquee is $249.99 regularly and $299.99 with the coupon? What a steal!... Literally. LOL!

    1. Negative money off! Good thing that coupon has expired :)

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