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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Price Reduction

Today T-Mobile announced new lower pricing for prepaid mobile broadband plans that will go into effect Sunday May 20th at t-mobile.com, T-Mobile stores and other retailers selling T-Mobile broadband products. There's also an exclusive Walmart deal described after the break. Here's a table comparison of the old and new pricing.

Old Price Term Data New Price Term Data
$10 7 days 100 MB $15 7 days 300 MB
$30 1 Month 1 GB $25 1 Month 1.5 GB
N/A $35 1 Month 3.5 GB
$50 1 Month 3 GB $50 1 Month 5 GB

But wait there's more. TMONews found a page on walmart.com with a special deal on the new $35 3.5 GB refills. It what appears to be a Wally World exclusive, if you buy the $35 refill, and only the $35 one, from Walmart it's good for 60 days rather than the usual 30.

These plans are intended for USB wireless modems, wireless hotspots and tablets. They reportedly work in phones too but for data only, no voice, SMS or MMS. You could however use VOIP for calling and Google Voice for texts.

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  1. This is a good middleground between Clear's unlimited but sparse coverage and Verizon's excellent coverage but expensive data plans for prepaid.

  2. on the $50 plan you need to put 5gb not 3gb

  3. The internet device must be purchased from Walmart for the card to last 60 days.

    1. That's correct. It's a Walmart exclusive.

    2. If the T-Mobile internet device is purchased from Walmart there is the option to purchase two "exclusive" refill passes from T-Mobile's website. They are: "Exclusive 2 Month Pass 4G - 3.5GB" for $35 and "Exclusive 2 Month Pass 4G - 5GB" for $50.

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