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T-Mobile Prepaid Sale: Samsung Exhibit II $179.99 Nokia Lumia 710 $199.99

A couple of new deals showed up on T-Mobile this afternoon. The Samsung Exhibit II (left) is $179.99 after a $150 mail in rebate. The Exhibit II has a 1 GHz CPU and 3.7 inch 480 X 800 (WVGA) screen and is my pick for as the current T-Mobile prepaid phone that offers the most bang for the buck. T-Mobile's regular price for the Exhibit II is $329.99. If you don't want to deal with the hastle and uncertainty of a mail in rebate walmart.com. and amazon.com both sell the Exhibit II for around $200.

The Lumia 710 and is a Windows Phone. Like the Exhibit II, it has a  3.7 inch 480 X 800 (WVGA) screen. The Lumia trumps the Exhibit II in the camera department with a 5 MP shooter versus the Exhibit II's 3 MP unit. The Lumia's sale price is $199.99 after a $150 mail in rebate.

There are a couple od downsides to this deal. To receive the mail in rebate on either phone you must be active on a $50/month or higher Monthly 4G prepaid plan and it can take up to 8 weeks to receive the rebate.




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  1. "Must be active on a $50/month or higher Monthly 4G prepaid plan"

    That's tricky. If you have to wait 2 months to get your money, I'm sure it semi-requires you to stay on that plan until you get your rebate. Thus, eating up your rebate. Then, if what you really wanted was the $30 Walmart plan, you would have to re-activate with a new SIM at a later date with a new account. OTOH, if all you wanted was PAYG account, you could get by with one month at $50 and change plans after the month. I did not see any length terms on that stipulation. T-Mobile does make it VERY easy to switch plans right on-line. Anyway, I'm using the Lumia 710, I got it for $250 off Ebay, and it is a good phone. Might as well pay $250 somewhere else. It all works out the same, $350 plus $50 then wait for your $150 rebate = $250

  2. I have been waiting on a sale for the nokia. This is stupid. Just put the phone on sale for $199.

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