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Triple Minutes For Life Now Available For Any Tracfone

Tracfone has started selling Triple Minutes for Life (TMFL) cards on its website. The cards cost $29.99 and convert any single minutes or double minutes phone into a TMFL phone.

There are also new one year cards that include TMFL priced $199.99 for 1500 minutes $129.99 for 1200 minutes.

The TMFL  cards are not available in stores, only online direct from TracFone.

While this sounds like a good deal it's not for everyone.  If you consistently use less than 40 minutes/month on a DMFL phone or less than 20 minutes/month on a single minutes phone you are paying the TracFone minimum of $19.99 every 90 days and won't save any money with TMFL.

Also, except for defective phones replaced under warranty,The TMFL feature is not transferable to a different phone.  So if your phone is on its last legs or you are planning to replace it anyway,  a TMFL card would be a waste of money.  Besides, the popular  TMFL LG 800G is currently on sale for $39.99, only $10 more than the TMFL card.

But the TMFL card is great news if you prefer one of the many TrracFones, including all the flip phones or the compact QWERTY LG 500G, that aren't available with TMFL.

Update: A reader found a post on HowardForums by an official TracFone representative who said that the "Triple Minutes for Life Card will only be available for one week test, starting May 03, 2012."\
Update: As of May 11, the TMFL card is no longer available.

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  1. According to a comment here:


    This is a test that is only going to last a week. So I went ahead got one.

  2. triple minutes still on the tracfone site. guess that maybe it goes away after tomorrow. but this is a good buy because of the simple fact that you get triple minutes. it's always nice to have an abundance of minutes.

    1. you would think tracfone would contact people registered with accounts online

    2. I wish they'd do that again, the triple minute card for life of any phone. Anyone hear anything if they might do it again?

  3. better to invest the 30 bucks into a new tiple mins phone?

  4. I bought a tracfone through HAN and it was suppose to include triple minutes for life. I bought a pay as you go plan for $15.00 and I didn't get triple minutes I got 200 which is what the plan was. I'm confused on how this is supposed to work.

    1. Old school TracFone minutes cards like the $19.99 60 minutes card triple.
      Smartphone-only cards like the $15 200 minutes, 500 texts, 200 MB card don't triple.
      See our Prepaid Operator Profile: TracFone post for answers to TracFone questions.

  5. I wish they had the triple minute card for people that have a unlocked phone for BYOP because without that triple minutes on an unlocked phone sucks bad. I was thinking of buying an unlocked phone for the BYOP program but realize the phones will never get the Triple Minutes at all. Buying the card would be nice to turn it into the Triple Minutes for Life.

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