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US Cellular/Alltel U-Prepaid Now Available - Here's What it Costs

Last month US Cellular and Alltel announced a joint venture to relaunch Alltel's U Prepaid brand. The initial press release didn't specify the launch date or include any information about phone or plan pricing. Over the weekend, a new U Prepaid website popped up at uprepaid.net with phone and plan prices, which are pretty compete. Depending on whether you enter a zip code in  Alltel or US Cellular territory, the plans are a little different. Here's what shows up if I use a US Cellular zipcode (53213)

There are four feature phone and two smartphone plans:
Feature Phone plans
Pay By The Month Plans
$40/month Unlimited Talk, Messaging and Mobile Web
$30/month 1500 Minutes & Unlimited Messaging Overage: 10¢ minute Data: 50¢ MB
Pay By The Day Plans
$2/day Unlimited Talk, Messaging and 50 MB of data Overage Data: 50¢/MB
$1/day Voice 10¢/minute, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Nights and Weekends Data: 50¢/MB
Smart Phone Plans
Pay By The Month Plan
$50/month  Unlimited Talk, Messaging and 2 GB of data Overage Data: 50¢/MB
Pay By The Day Plan
$2/day Unlimited Talk, Messaging and 50 MB of data Overage Data: 50¢/MB

Nowhere on the site does it say if the daily plans are charged every day or only on days that you use the phone. I suspect it's everyday, as the only on days used option would be a selling point that I'd expect U Prepaid to mention.

U Prepaid phones are only available at Walmart stores in Alltel and US Cellular markets, which are mainly located in the Midwest, Southeast, New England and Pacific Northwest. There's a store locator on the U Prepaid site. Phones are not currently available on walmart.com.

All U.S. Cellular based U-Prepaid plans include no extra charge nationwide voice, text and 2G roaming on Verizon and regional CDMA operators. It looks like coverage is available just about everywhere, which makes U Prepaid a great deal especially if you travel in remote areas frequently. Just watch out for the limits; roaming data is capped at 200 MB/month and roaming minutes are limited to less than 50% of total minutes.

In Alltel markets like zipcode 30286, the overage and per use data rate is lower, 15¢/MB instead of 50¢/MB. Alltel based U-Prepaid customers also get less roaming coverage, based on the coverage map, it looks like they can only roam on U.S. Cellular and Sprint.

Update 3/1/2014: Alltel was acquired by AT&T in September of 2013. AT&T plans to begin migrating Alltel customers to the AT&T GSM network in mid year 2014. When the transition occurs Alltel based U-Prepaid customers will need to switch to a GSM phone They will receive their choice of either a free basic phone or a specially discounted smartphone. For more information see Questions about the transition for Alltel No Contract customers.


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  1. Alltel still lives. I wonder if their phones can be ota on Page Plus/Verizon mvnos. USCC/Alltel are not in my service areas.

  2. I just bought the Samsung Repp and changed to Uprepaid from Straight Talk. I am very unhappy Uprepaid will not port in my number that I have had for many year from Straight Talk. So heads up people, if you have a Tracfone or Straight Talk phone and have had your number for years and want to change to Uprepaid, they will not give you your number! What a hassle to have to contact all the people who have your number to let them know you have a new phone number. NOT HAPPY WITH THAT!

    1. Why did they say they can't port your number? U-Prepaid claims to support porting and Straight talk supports porting out as well.

      As long as the number is still active on Straight Talk and you have the Straight Talk account number and PIN it should be possible to port it. I'd keep calling back and asking for supervisor until you can get someone that can help you.

      You probably should call Straight Talk to confirm but I believe that your Straight Talk account is the serial number (may also be labeled as the ESN, IMEI or MEID) of your Straight Talk phone which is on a label under the battery. The PIN is the last four digits of your phone number.

  3. Yeswap, you are right! I did keep calling back. I also called Straight Talk and they told me that my number was already released to Uprepaid and there was no reason it couldn't be ported in. I called Uprepaid back and asked to be connected to the Porting department and finally got my number ported in. The reps I had been talking to didn't have a clue how to deal with my account cause it kept coming up with an error message. The person in the Porting department took care of it with in 10 minutes. I am a happy camper now. So far the phone and service is working well.

  4. Im experiencing the samething now.

  5. Does anyone know if you are using the $30 dollar a month for 1500 mins and unlimited txts, how do they charge you if you are using data? Or is it blocked from your phone?? Someone help because there is little to no info on these phones and plans!!

  6. How much does it cost to reactivate a phone??

  7. US Cellular has a 3-year, $1.2B deal with Apple to sell the iPhone. Their customers demanded iPhones, and the carrier believes it will help reduce subscriber churn.

  8. I ported a number out of Uprepaid a few months ago, I am currently trying to port a number in to a Uprepaid phone. They told me it would be approximately 24 hours before the port is done. We''ll see how that works out.

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