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Virgin Mobile Launches new $40/Month payLo Unlimited Plan

Sprint announced the availability of a new unlimited plan for its payLo by Virgin Mobile prepaid brand. The plan offers unlimited voice, unlimited messaging (text, picture, email and IM) and 50 MB of data for $40/month. If you use up your data allowance before the end of the month overage is charged at a hefty rate of $1.50/month or you can renew your plan early to restart the data counter. You probably aren't that likely to run out as payLo plans can only be used with a specific set of rather basic non-smartphones which don't encourage heavy data usage.

The new unlimited plan is available now on the Virgin Mobile Site. The rest of the payLo plan lineup is unchanged. The table below lists all the current payLo plans

Name Monthly Price (plus sales tax) Voice Text/MMS Data
Basic Rate (Pay As You Go)  $6.67/month and up* 20¢/min 15¢/25¢ each$1.50/MB
Talk (monthly)** $20/month 400 min 15¢/25¢ each $1.50/MB
Talk & Text (monthly) ** $30/month 1500 min 1500/25¢ 30 MB
Unlimited Talk & Text (monthly) ** $40/month unlimited unlimited/unlimited 50 MB
* Mininum top up is $10 every 45 days or $20 every 90 days
** Overage Rates- Voice: 10¢/min, SMS: 15¢/text, Data: $1.50/MB

In addition to the new plan, payLo by Virgin Mobile has a new phone. It's the Samsung M575 a messaging phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 2.4 inch 240 x 320 px (QVGA) screen , 2 MP camera with QCIF (176 x 144) video recording, music player and a SD card slot supporting cards up to 32 GB. It's also the first payLo 3G phone with support for EVDO rev.0. If the M575 looks familiar, that's because it's the same phone as the Samsung Restore on Sprint and Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk.

I don't find this plan particularly disruptive. Its strengths are that it's the least expensive unlimited talk and messaging plan from a big four carrier and that Virgin Mobile payLo phones and refills are widely available at big box stores and chain drugstores everywhere that Sprint has native coverage.

However Sprint's native coverage footprint (compare coverage) is considerably smaller than that of either AT&T and Verizon. Several AT&T MVNOs including Red Pocket and Verizon MVNO Page Plus have $40/month unlimited voice and messaging plans, and unlike payLo they allow you to use any compatible phone, including smartphones.


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  1. I would rather have the $40 a month Simple Mobile unlimited talk/intltext/3G web and you can bring any unlocked GSM phone, or any locked T-MO phone, that phone restrictions on a CDMA network is for the dogs.

  2. metropcs is offering this deal at $25 .. ;)

    1. Pretty much although Metro's doesn't include MMS or data and is a limited time offer until June 30th

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