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Boost Mobile to Offer $99.99 BlackBerry 9310 and $30/month (after Shrinkage) BBM Plan

For a while it looked like Sprint's Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile prepaid brands were phasing out BlackBerry support. The only 'Berry offered recently was the nearly 3 year old Curve 8350, a rather anemic handset with only a 2 MP camera that runs the ancient BB OS 5.0. 

It turns out that fears of the demise of Sprint's prepaid BlackBerrys were premature. Today, Boost Mobile announced a new BlackBerry, the Curve 9310. It runs BB OS 7.1 and has a 3.2 MP camera. Other features include:
  • Dedicated BlackBerry Messenger key
  • Text and email (supports Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail)
  • 3.2MP camera with flash
  • Speedy Web browsing
  • BlackBerry 7.1 OS
  • Access to thousands of apps and games on BlackBerry App World™
  • Easy Access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and more
  • Stereo Bluetooth support
  • Wi-Fi and GPS1 enabled
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Great battery life (up to eight hours talk time or 18 days standby; up to 70 hours of music playback with headphones)
The Curve 9310 It will be available July 10 for $99.99 at Boost Mobile retail stores, independent wireless dealers, Best Buy and at boostmobile.com with free shipping.

To go with the new device, Boost is launching a new lower cost BlackBerry Messenger Unlimited Plan which starts at $45/month with the price decreasing by $5 for every six timely payments until it reaches $30 after 18 payments, thanks to Boost's Shrinkage feature. This plan is only available with the new Curve

The new plan includes unlimited calls, text and picture messaging and unlimited BlackBerry Messenger. The catch is that it doesn't include any data for web browsing, email or apps. The Curve 9310 does have Wi-Fi so you can get online when you are in range of a hot spot.

The Curve 9310 can also use Boost's legacy $60/month (before Shrinkage) plan which includes unlimited data (throttled to 256 Kbps after 2.5 GB).


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  1. ROTFLMFAO! people still use these relics? These are going for the same amount as Android devices that are better spec'd ...3.2 MP camera? Hahaha what year do you live in?!? This is 2012! 8MP is the industry standard, right?

    1. I'm not one of them but BlackBerry does still have its fans. Cameras with 3 MP or less seems typical for a $100 prepaid phone although the XPRT does have a 5 MP.

    2. My android died after one month, and I got this phone as a replacement. I am very happy with this device. The build quality is excellent, keyboard is an ease to text and email, and the size of the device is perfect in the palm. The web, games, apps and gps do not compare with the android devices, but I suprisingly like it because I realized I wasted alot of time playing games and looking stuff on the web all time with my android device. This device does very well with what I need it for, calls, texts and emails, and all packaged into a nifty and quality-build solid business device. It makes me happy to hear that alot of people have moved to android and iphone devices because it's sort of a little secret that I have such a great device that serves me very well. Trucks and tanks are words that come to mind with 9310.

  2. Man, Blackberry is refreshing to me, Im tired of all the huge screens and touch sensitive buttons. For me it's Blackberry or iPhone, I just loving having a real keyboard, sure the screen is smaller, but it's just more like what I think a phone should be, not the mini-tablets I see today...

  3. Androids ok depends which one but drop one now blackberrys built tough glad to see. Em get better go rim drop a blackberry it keeps on workin

  4. I never had a hiccup with a Blackberry Curve. Android worked for about 4 months and the screen started flashing and beeping. Don't care ow "cool" Android is if it aint durable. These things are too dang expensive to be this unreliable. Funny how seamless corded phones were.

  5. I recently ordered this phone from boost mobile and I'm satisfied for the most part. Really solid device, sharp screen display, and streams videos wonderfully. Only problem I seem to be having is that I can't find a way to download java games on the phone. I've tried everything. Yeswap, would you have any idea if there's any settings on the phone that would help my get the game to download properly into one of my home screen folders?? Any help would would be great. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

    1. You tried everything; did that include the Blackberry World store?
      http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/product/2/ for games.

    2. BlackBerry's Java implementation is very non-standard. Some generic Java ME apps work but most do not. You will have better luck with BlackBerry specific apps from BlackBerry App World.

      When I last had a BlackBerry four years ago the followin two lists of links to app downloads were very helpful. I don't know how many of the app links are still valid though:
      BlackBerry Forums - LIST: Latest Versions of 3rd Party Software (Mini Version Tracker)
      Mobile Moo: 250+ Free Games for your BlackBerry

    3. To answer the anonymous posters question, yes, I did indeed go to Blackberry app world and I actually downloaded a couple of free games, only one of which I decided to keep. But as far as I know blackberry's are supposed to be compatible with java games and apps as well and the thing I like most is that they're free :) Most app world games have to be paid for from what I've seen.

      And as far as what you mentioned Dennis, I had a feeling that there might be some type of compatibility issue with the java apps and blackberry's. I appreciate your expertise on that.

      BTW, when I downloaded this free zombie game from BB app world the other day, I accidently clicked on one of those pop up advertisements and it automatically rebooted my phone. Is it normal at all for the pop up adds to do that sort of thing?? I don't think there's that much of a problem with most online games and apps, but I think I probably got a bad one that time.

    4. I had ads crash phones before too. My take is that it's a badly written ad .

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