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Boost Mobile Update: $45 Monthly Plan Permanent, iDEN Shutdown News, Phone Price Cuts

The latest issue of the Times (PDF), Sprint's newsletter for Boost and Virgin Mobile dealers has some interesting tidbits for Boost Mobile users.

The Promotional Boost Mobile $45/month Talk and Text Unlimited Plan has been extended, apparently indefinitely. The offer was originally supposed to end May 31, 2012. This is a "Shrinkage" plan where the monthly price decreases by $5 for every six on time payments. The maximum shrinkage discount is $15, so after 18 on-time payments the monthly plan cost is only $30.

The $45 plan is only available with the Motorola Theory, Sanyo Innuendo, and LG Rumor Reflex feature phones and includes picture messaging but not data. Unlimited IM and Email is available for an extra charge of 99¢/day charged only on days used, Telenav navigation service is also available with this plan and will run you $2.99/day or $9.99/30 days.

Boost has also cut the suggested retail price of several Android phones:

  • LG Marquee $249.99 (was $279.99)
  • ZTE Warp $179.99 (was $199.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Prevail $129.99 (was $149.99)

As regular readers know, the Nextel and Boost iDEN network is shutting down in June, 2013. Boost is running a Buyback Program where you can get $5 -$33 for your old iDEN phone. In addition, through June 30th, Boost will also give eligible iDEN customers an additional $25 bonus account credit if they participate in the buyback and buy and activate a new Boost CDMA phone. To be eligible for the $25 bonus, the user must be a current Boost customer, the iDEN phone must have been active on Boost for at least 60 days and the user must have added a total of at least $50 to their iDEN account during its lifetime.

In other iDEN shutdown news, iDEN users can no longer purchase ringback tones. Existing ringbacks will  stop working Oct 1, 2012. Customers who who purchased ringback tones in April and May, 2012 will receive refunds.

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  1. So is the $50 plan still available for the feature phones instead of having to pick the $45 plan?

    1. Yes the $50 plan is still available and includes feature phone data.

  2. Are they still going to allow NON DEALER activations of new/unused/unactivated Boost Mobile sims after July 2012?

    1. No. According to a document sent to Sprint dealers, "After July 10, 2012 Boost will no longer activate new Boost accounts. Existing Boost iDEN subscribers will still be able to switch between iDEN phones until service is shut down in the middle of next year."

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