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Deal: Boost Mobile Prepaid BlackBerry $49.99 With Promo Code

Boostmobile.com has a deal on the BlackBerry Curve 8530. The BlackBerry, which was selling for around $180 not long ago,  has been reduced to $99.99. For an even better deal, enter the promo code BLACKBERRY50 at checkout to get $50 off bring the total cost down to a mere $49.99.

The 8530 is an older entry level BlackBerry with a 2 MP camera, 2.5 inch QVGA (320x240) screen and slightly slower first generation EV-Do r0 3G.

Boost BlackBerrys require either the $60/month BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited plan or the $3/day BlackBerry Daily Unlimited Plan. The Monthly plan has Shrinkage which reduces the plan price by $5 for every six on time payments. The maximum Shrinkage discount is $15 which makes the plan $45 after 18 timely payments.

Offer has ended.


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  1. I know Boost had three Blackberries. What was the first one and what happened to the flip style Blackberry? At one point and time, I was interested in that flip Blackberry.

  2. The first was the Curve 8330. The flip was the Style 9670, it's been discontinued.

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