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Deal: Free $50 refill card with Most T-Mobile Prepaid Smartphones

T-Mobile has launched another of their frequent free refill with prepaid phone purchase deals.

This time the offer is a $50 refill PIN card with the purchase of most most new (not refurbished) smartphones at t-mobile.com. Currently the following phones are available with the free refill.

T-Mobile says the free refill offer is good through midnight June 21st, but I'm skeptical as these promotions typically only last a couple of days. I also expect some of these phones to sell out quickly, especially the hot selling Nokia Lumia 710 and Samsung Exhibit II 4G, so hop on this deal ASAP if you are interested.

T-Mobile (Huawei) Prism Android phone $149.99

Samsung Dart Android phone $149.99

Samsung Exhibit II 4G Android phone $249.99

Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone $249.99

T-Mobile (LG) myTouch Q Android QWERTY slider $299.99

T-Mobile (Samsung) Sidekick 4G Android phone QWERTY slider $329.99

All these phones as well as the refill card can be used with any T-Mobile prepaid plan, including pay as you go and the online exclusive $30/month 100 minutes, unlimited messaging and unlimited data (throttled to 60 Kbps after 5GB).

If you are a fan of Windows Phone, this is the best price I've seen yet on the prepaid Nokia Lumia 710 which usually sells for $349.99 without the the free $50 refill.

Offer has ended.

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  1. I've seen the Lumia sell for $199 during a limited time web exclusive. If offered with the $50 prepaid card you mention I'd pull the trigger - but that's just me being greedy.
    Thanks for the website. It's articles like this that keep me coming back to check your blog - don't want to miss any of the deals. Also, your news article are pretty informative. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. That deal you are thinking of forced you to be on a $50/month or more plan, and you had to wait 60 days from date of receipt for your $150 rebate card. And, since you would probably have to stay on that plan until you got your rebate, it would effectively null the deal. Plus, you could not switch to the Walmart plan without a new activation. So, the deal looked a lot better than it was UNTIL you read the fine print
    Watch the fine print!! You need to sign up for a $50/mth or higher. Walmart has the exhibit II for $190 http://www.walmart.com/ip/T-Mobile-S...phone/17420426. Sadly no lumina.

    Offer valid only with purchase of Samsung Exhibit II or Nokia Lumia 710 on a $50 or higher Monthly4G Plan on www.T-Mobile.com or 1-800-T-Mobile only. • To qualify for this rebate card offer, you must meet the Eligibility Requirements below, as well as purchase one of the qualifying handsets below. • To be eligible for the Rebate card: (i) your submitted materials must be validated by T-Mobile; and (ii) you must have an active account on a $50 or higher Monthly4G rate plan. • Rebate cards may not be combined or used with any other rebate card offer, free, or other promotional offers. • Rebate card is valid at U.S. locations for 12 months after issuance of the card, through the Expiration Date shown on the card. • You can use your rebate card to purchase goods and services from merchants that accept Visa® prepaid cards. You can receive cash for the amount of your rebate card balance from any Visa member bank; just look for branches displaying the Visa logo. Your rebate card cannot be used at ATMs. • Rebate cards will be mailed to the address submitted on the Rebate Card Request Form. Valid rebate card requests take up to 8 weeks from receipt to process.

    1. The current deal doesn't require activation on the $50 plan or any plan for that matter. A $50 prepaid refill comes with the phone.

  3. I do know that, I was responding to the "I've seen the Lumia sell for $199 during a limited time web exclusive"

    1. Yeah, I know that's what you meant, just wanted to emphasize that this is a much better deal than the one that required activation.

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