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Free Boost Mobile Prepaid Phones For New Customers

Boost Mobile is giving away phones to new customers from now through Saturday June 30. Available phones are the:

  • Samsung Replenish Android QWERTY candy bar (regular price $99.99) 
  • LG Rumor Reflex touchscreen QWERTY slider (regular price $79.99) 
  • Kyocera Innuendo (Black & Blue) QWERTY clamshell (regular price $79.99) 
  • BlackBerry Curve 8530 (regular price $99.99)

This offer is only available at independent Boost retailers. To qualify for a free phone you have to activate it on a new unlimiited account and pay for a month's service.

The Replenish requires the $55/month Android Unlimited plan, the BlackBerry needs the $60/month BlackBerry Unlimited plan. The Innuendo and Rumor Reflex feature phones can be activated on either the $45/month Talk and Text Unlimited plan, which doesn't include data or the $50/month Unlimited plan which does.

National retailers like Walmart, Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy) are not participating in this promo. To find the nearest independent dealer go to boostmobile.nearestoutlet.com/cgi-bin/search.pl.


Source Boost Mobile Facebook page



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  1. Could anyone post the fine print? It is possible to switch to pay-as-you-go plan after the first month? Thank you very much!

    1. The fine print is virtualy unreadable on the Boost Facebook page but as far as I can tell you can switch after the first month as long as you bough one of the feature phones (Android and BlackBerry devices can't ever be used on pay as you go).

      The communication to dealers says:

      • New activations and ports from other Carriers to one of four qualifying handsets required
      • All transactions must be performed on www.boostmobilesales.com to qualify
      • Activations/ports must be done on one of the following plans: $45 Unl. Talk & Text, $50 Monthly Unlimited, $55 Monthly
      Unlimited for Android or $60 Monthly Unlimited for BlackBerry
      • Activation must have a min. replenishment value of $45 added within the same calendar month as the date of the activation."

      Source (PDF): www.hyperlinkusa.com/ClientDocuments/062612_4 FREE PHONES.pdf

  2. I already have boost I need a new updated phone I cant afford to buy one

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