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Free Page Plus Activations at Kitty Wireless Now Through Sunday

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless is doing free Page Plus activations from now until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, June 17th, 2012. Activations are normally $6.99 each at Kitty Wireless. 

Click here: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeactivation.html for free activations, which come with $2.00 in Page Plus call credit good for 120 days. 

Activations are automated and normally take about 10 minutes. You will receive an email with programming instructions when your activation is complete.

Kitty's automated services are available 22 hours a day (orders submitted between 11:30pm EST and 1:30am EST will be processed after 1:30 PM).

Page Plus itself also does activations for free if you call them, but they don't give you any call credit, their hours are limited and there is usually some waiting on hold involved.

According to Kitty Wireless, "Our goal is to activate 2,000 devices in the next 72 hours. Let's get going!

PLUS! Ten random activations done during the next 48 hours, will receive a FREE $12.00 Monthly Plan loaded onto them! That's right, we're going to give a free 12 Plan to TEN new activations that are done before Sunday night!




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  1. Do yourself a favor and activate through Page Plus directly or look for some other dealer than Kitty. Very bad experience there. Don't take a chance on it.

    1. I've activated several phones through Kitty, also did one with Page Plus. No problems with either.

  2. I have activated or done an esn change on a number of occasions with Kitty. When you use the BYOD with pageplus that is considered an unsupported phone. Kitty has helped me several times, once over the phone, to resolve a problem I had with a BYOD. I don't use PP anymore but I always appreciated Kittys' service.

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