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Airvoice Monthly Plans Get Unlimited Talk and Text, More Data and MMS

AT&T MVNO Airvoice Wireless has revamped their website and tweaked their monthly plan offerings. The new website is much more attractive and usable than the old one, which was dated looking, didn't list all the plans and had conflicting information about pay as you go data rates.

The new site is a welcome addition but the big change is with the plans. AirVoice is once again advertising their monthly plans as having "unlimited" talk and text. They were billed as unlimited when Airvoice first added monthly plans a couple of years ago, but since January, they have been listed as having 5000 minutes and 10,000 texts per month.

I'm not sure if the change actually means anything or is just marketing spin. It's long been rumored that all AT&T MVNOs, except for Straight Talk and Net10, cap minutes at 5000 and texts at either 5000 or 10,000, so maybe Airvoice was just being honest. Personally, I think 5000 minutes (less than 3 hours a day) is much to low to be advertised as unlimited but somehow thecarriers are getting away with it.

An unqualified positive change is that the $50 and higher plans now include more data and the $50 plan has unlimited MMS picture messaging. Here's a table comparing Airvoice's new and old plans.

Airvoice Wireless Monthly Plans
Plan Price $35 $40 (new plan) $50 $60
Old Minutes 5000 N/A 5000 5000
New Minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Old Texts 10,000 N/A 10,000 10,000
New Texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Old MMS 10¢ each N/A 1000 Unlimited
New MMS 10¢ each Unlimited* Unlimited Unlimited
Old Data 33¢/MB N/A 100 MB 500 MB
New Data 33¢/MB 25 MB* 500 MB 1 GB
* Data and MMS on $40 Plan are "coming soon".
The $40 and high monthly plans also include $10/month worth of international calls.

The new rates are very competitive, especially at the lower price points. $35/month is the least expensive unlimited talk and text plan from any AT&T MVNO and the data allowances on the $40 and $50 plans match or beat those of Red Pocket, Jolt and H2O. The $60 plan equals Jolt's, but Red Pocket offers the same amount of data for $5/month less. See Five AT&T MVNO's Compared for the details.


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  1. All AT&T MVNOs, no exception, cap "Unlimited" minutes at 5k, and texts at 10k.Straight Talk and Net10 will cancel you on the spot if you go over, even 1 time. The others will send you a warning text first, and will cancel repeat "offenders". The only TRUE unlimited, with no cap whatsoever, and Intl text, is AT&T itself.

    1. Maybe, but I've never heard of anyone getting cancelled by Straight Talk or Net10 for using too many voice minutes or texts. I've only seen reports of ST and Net10 cancelling users for using too much data.

      On the other hand, there have been countless reports of H2O terminating users over voice or text use. I've also heard of one person being cancelled by Red Pocket for using "excessive" voice minutes.

      Straight Talk and Net10 are much larger than H2O and Red Pocket. I'm pretty sure that if they had a 5000 minute cap we would have heard numerous complaints by now.

  2. Does anyone know how the service is here? How long have they been operating?

    1. Where's "here"? The actual Airvoice phone service (coverage, data speeds, etc) should be the same as you get with AT&T in the same location.

      Airvoice was founded in 1999. Their customer service is US based and my experience with it has been very good; little or no hold time and competent and courteous support people.

  3. I just called customer support and it was a pleasant experience. I was considering between PagePlus and Airvoice (both large carrier MVNOs), and you can't beat unlimited talk and txt for $35, even though its more than the MetroPCS, going with an ATT MVNO just feels right.

    Questions I had are:
    - Can you buy a new GoPhone and use it on AirVoice? I'm not sure if ATT locks their prepaid only for use on ATT like Verizon does.
    - Conversely, if I buy an AirVoice phone will it be locked to their service, or are they unlocked or can be unlocked thru AV or ATT?

    1. GoPhones are locked but they do not need to be unlocked to work on an AT&T MVNO like AT&T.

      I don't know if the Airvoice phones are unlocked or not or whether Airvoce will unlock them. You should ask Airvoice about that. The refurbs are probably ex-AT&T phones and may still be locked to AT&T.

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