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AT&T MVNO Jolt Mobile Launches $35/Month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan, Cuts PAYGO Prices

Following the lead of sister AT&T MVNO Airvoice, Jolt Mobile launched a new $35 Unlimited plan today. Like the Airvoice offering, data and MMS (picture) messaging are not included and there's no international call credit either.

For those who make international calls, Jolt's $40, $50 and $60 plans come with "up to" 500 minutes of international call credit. The $50 and $60 plans also include 500 MB and 1 GB of data respectively and there's a $65 plan with 500 MB of data and unlimited calls to 100 countries.

Jolt also improved their pay as you go offering recently. Top-ups now last 90 days instead of 30, MMS are now 10¢/each instead of 20¢ and the data pricing has dropped all the way from $10/MB to 30¢/MB!

These changes consolidate Jolt's position as one of the best value AT&T MVNOs particularly for unlimited talk and text without data and for light-use pay as you go.

There is one part of Jolt's pricing that isn't a very good value. A SIM card costs $10 plus $7.70 "shipping and handling" and a 60¢ "convenience fee" for a total of  $18.30. Fortunately, Jolt SIMs can be found on eBay for a buy it now price around $7.50 with free shipping.

The table below lists all of Jolt's current plans.  For a comparison of AT&T MVNOs see: Five AT&T MVNO's Compared.

Jolt Mobile Wireless Monthly Plans
Plan (Monthly Price) ** Voice Text MMS (Picture Messages) International Call Credit Data
$35 Unlimited Unlimited None None None
$40 Unlimited Unlimited None up to 500 minutes None
$50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited up to 500 minutes 500 MB
$60 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited up to 500 minutes 1 GB
$65 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB
$3.33 & up (pay as you go) * 10¢ 10¢ 10¢ None 30¢/MB
* A $1.00/month "convenience" fee and a 99¢/month "e911" fee deducted from pay as you go balances. 
** A 3.5% "convenience" fee is added to all airtime purchases. 


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  1. Neither Jolt or H2O can compete with Airvoice for the lowest ILD rates.

    1. That's no longer true. Jolt is now including international calling to 100 countries including Canada, Mexico, India, China and the UK.

      Airvoice charges 4.2¢/minute for Mexico and China and 5.3¢/minute for calls to Canada, India and the UK.

      For calls to the Phillipines Jolt charges 11.5¢/min, Airvoice 42¢/min!

      Airvoice want's a whopping 59.5¢/min for calls to El Salvador, Jolt 9.9¢

      Plus Jolt has international direct dialling, Airvoice makes you dial an 10 digit acess number, wait for a prompt and then dial the international number

  2. I am not sure about Jolt or the other MVNO's, but H2O will definitely cancel your account if you go over 4500 minutes and 5000 text a month, with little to no warning. For heavy users, only the wireless carrier themselves are truly unlimited.

  3. Whether the limit is 4500, 5000 or 8000 minutes, Att mvnos are not truly unlimited and never have been. The prepaid divisions of major carriers (Boost/Virgin, Verizon/Att/Tmobile Prepaid) are the only ones that offer truly unlimited anything (talk/text). Mvnos only market limited plans as unlimited to keep up...

    I don't get it . Red pocket, Jolt's host network /mvne is not offering 500megs in the $50 range, only 250 and their paygo plans are different. I wonder if RP is going to update to half a gig soon on $50?

  4. The Page Plus $12/mo plan is for me.

  5. Small typo: "for a nbuy it now"

  6. to Yeswap i want to send text and call MOROCCO whats the best carrier that has lowest ILD rates

  7. Under PayGo, they also list a $1/month maintenance fee in addition to the e911 fee. Not good.

    1. I think the $1 monthly fee replaces the 99¢ e911 fee. I searched the site both manually and with Google site search and I couldn't find any reference to a separate 911 fee. However it looks like Jolt charges a 3.5% "convenience" fee on all purchases from their site including airtime.

    2. To see both fees, click on your Jolt link in your post above, then click the Pay As You Go square.
      99c is listed under "Other Features," and $1 is shown under the "Buy Now" button.
      If both of these charges apply, and you spread your refill over 90 days, the average cost per minute is 26c. $3.33/13 minutes after fees. Definitely not a "best value" for an AT&T MVNO pay-go, in my opinion.

    3. Thanks, I see it now and will update the post to reflect both fees.

  8. Jolt has some new plans on their website. Notably, there is a $30 unlimited talk and text plan, and a $40 one that includes "up to 1000 free rollover international minutes."

    1. Thanks,

      The $30 plan has been around a while, I added it to AT&T and AT&T MVNOs Compared a couple of months ago.

      1000 free rollover minutes is a $10/month international call credit. Calls to China, Canada and several other countries are 1¢/minute hence the 1000 minutes.

      The $40 and $55 plans also include "unlimited international calling" with no explanation of covered countries or other details.

      What a vague and confusing Web site! I will contact Jolt and see if I can get an explanation of the unlimited international calling

    2. I agree--they aren't spending money on web managers. In general, I think most of the MVNOs would do themselves some good by both simplifying plans and hiring real web editors to improve their presentation of the plans and details. Is it true that Jolt is a subsidiary of Red Pocket?

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