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Cricket Cuts Mobile Broadband Pricing

Sometime in the last week or so Cricket Communications quietly revamped their mobile broadband plans for USB modem sticks and mobile hotspots. The changes generally make the plans more afforable. The least expensive plan is now $30/month, down from $45. The price per GB has also been reduced at all price points.

Here's a table comparing the old and new pricing;

Pay As You Go Top Denominations
Old Monthly Plan Price Old Full Speed* Data Allowance New Monthly Plan Price New Full Speed* Data Allowance
$45 2.5 GB $30 2 GB
$55 5 GB $45 4 GB
$65 7.5 GB $65 8 GB
*After the full speed data allowance is used up, data is still available but is throttled to approximately 100 Kbbs

Cricket's mobile broadband uses older EV-DO 3G technology which delivers speeds of up to 1.4 Mbps. It is only available in markets where Cricket has its own network, which encompasses about 35 metropolitan areas including Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore. Off network roaming on Sprint is available at no extra cost.

Cricket's new pricing is quite competitive,  however the rather limited coverage area (map), even with roaming, might not suit dedicated road warriors.

A Cricket mobile broadband device is required to use the service. Available devices include an 89.99 (currently 49.99 online) USB modem and mobile hotspot priced $149.99 (99.99 online)

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