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New Promo Code - 25% Off any Boost Mobile Prepaid Phone

Boost Mobile just launched a new promotion. Enter the promo code 25OFF at checkout at boostmobile.com and get 25% off any Boost Mobile phone.

Yes, it seems to work with any phone. So if you've been lusting after the HTC Evo Design but were balking at the $299.99 price, the promo brings the cost down to a much more affordable $224.99.

Other good deals include:

Motorola XPRT Android QWERTY candy bar $74.99 (reg $99.99)

BlackBerry Curve 9310 $74.99 (reg $99.99)

ZTE Warp Android phone $134.99 (reg $179.99)

The 25OFF promotion is good through August 5th or while supplies last. Shipping is free.




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  1. That's for the post on sale question I can't decide motorola xprt or blackberry9310.any. advice whichs faster call quality webbrowsing graphics more options.thanks

    1. I haven't heard any complaints about call quality with either.

      I only recommend the BlackBerry if you are a heavy email user with multiple email accounts or use BlackBerry Messenger

      Personally I prefer the XPRT, the larger screen makes web browsing better plus there are many more apps for graphics as well as alternate web browsers like Opera Mobile and Firefox that aren't available for the BlackBerry.

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