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Updated: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G $149.99 With Free Accessories

HSN.com is having a one day sale on the T-Mobile prepaid Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Android phone. For a limited time Today only, the phone is $149.99 with free shipping and that includes a free generic case and car charger. In addition, when you purchase this phone through HSN and activate the phone on T-Mobile's $50 Monthly 4G plan, T-Mobile will reduce the plan price to $45 a month. HSN says their regular price for this bundle will be $179.99

The  Exhibit 4G is an excellent phone. Thanks to its fast 1 Ghz processor and high resolution 3.7 inch WVGA (480 x 800) screen,  I rate it as the best current under $200 phone.

The HSN deal is a good one but T-Mobile currently has a better deal on the same phone. T-Mobile's price is $179.99 but it includes a free $50 refill card bringing the effective price down to $129.99.

HSN's generic car charger and case are worth about $5, maybe less. The $5 monthly plan reduction is nice but it's only good on the $50 plan which includes unlimited talk, text and data, but after a measly 100 MB of full speed data in a month, data speed is capped to a glacial 120 Kbps for the rest of the month.

Using an Android phone to its full potential you can easily use up 100 MB is two or three days. Better T-Mobile plan choices for smartphone users are either the $30/month 100 minutes, unlimited text and data (throttled after 5 GB) or $60/month unlimited talk text and data (throttled after 2 GB) plans.

Update 14-July-2012: 8:40 PM PDT Sold Out

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  1. Piece of crap! My elderly mother had no service in her house or mine. Certain towns she would travel through were not covered with Tmobile. Not to mention she didn't even have the phone a year. It stopped charging today! Wont even come on when charger is plugged in. To be able to hear clearly she had to use it on speakerphone! Definitely a waste of money!!! So disgusted!

    1. 1. Check your warranty terms if it is still under one year. You probably just have a battery so dead that it is preventing the phone from starting; it happened to me. Batteries are less than $10 on eBay or Amazon.
      2. This phone can call over WiFi. Does your Mom have WiFi at home? Turn on WiFi calling if it is off, and connect the phone to her WiFi.
      3. Like Dennis says, check the coverage maps before helping your Mom get a new phone. Coverage varies, and Tmobile has free roaming on AT&T in places where there are no Tmobile towers.

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