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Pure TalkUSA Cuts Unlimited Plan Price and Increases Included Data

Pure TalkUSA, one of the less well-known AT&T MVNOs, has cut the price of their Unlimited plan from $39.95 to $37.95/month. The plan includes unlimited (with an undisclosed "fair use" cap) voice minutes and SMS texts.

Pure Talk has also increased the data and MMS allowance on their $43.95 Unlimited Plus+ plan from 100 MB and 100 MMS to 300 MB and 300 MMS. If you run out of either, $10 buys a bundle of 100 MB and MMS.

$37.95 is lowest price I've seen for an unlimited talk and text plan on any of the big four carriers. The only thing that beats it is MetroPCS' $25/month promotional plan. But that's only available in MetroPCS native markets and the coverage, even with the included no extra cost roaming on Sprint, is much less extensive that AT&T's.

Pure Talk SIMs are free with purchase of a plan, as is a basic refurbished flip phone. The only way to purchase Pure Talk service is with a credit or debit card. The card will be automatically charged each month unless you call in to cancel.

Pure Talk's unlimited plans are a good deal for anyone who wants AT&T coverage for voice and text with or without a modest amount of data. Most of the many other AT&T MVNOs are like peas in a pod with nealy identical plans and pricing, at least Pure Talk has come up with something just a little different that should be attractive to quite a few users.

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  1. The undisclosed "fair use" cap is 5000 minutes and 5000 text a month,but unlike net10 and affiliates, they will not automatically disconnect you, but will send a warning message.

  2. Pure Talk serves a niche but dealers can't get in on the action. Plus Air Voice has a lower priced unlimited talk/text plan at $35. Pure Prepaid, it's sister brand is for dealers but it costs more and has no data/mms whatsoever.

  3. That is correct. Add Jolt into the mix as well with $35.00/month . Airvoice and Jolt have the lowest thusfar. H2O is at $40.00. All have the same AT&T native coverage.

  4. I like the Airvoice $10/quarter plan.

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