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T-Mobile Sale - $19.99 USB Modem With Free $15 Refill

T-Mobile has cut the price of the refurbished Huawei Jet 2.0 4G USB modem to a mere $19.99 and is including a free $15 mobile broadband refill which is good for 300 MB and 7 days of service. Shipping is free.

This modem can be used with any of T-Mobile's prepaid or post paid mobile broadband plans. The available prepaid plans are: $15/7 days/300 MB, $25/month/1.5 GB, $35/month/3.5 GB and $50/month/5 GB.  It supports HSPA+ with a theoretical top speed of 21 Mbps. Real world speeds typically top out at around 10 Mbps

The modem will also work with SIMs from T-Mobile MVNOs like Simple Mobile and with the Straight Talk T-Mobile BYOD SIM. It also supports AT&T's 3G and global 2G frequencies but is SIM locked and would need to be unlocked to work with non T-Mobile or T-Mobile MVNO SIMs

Click here to buy: T-Mobile Jet 2.0 Refurbished 4G USB Laptop Stick

Source: PhoneNews.com

13-July-2012: Offer has ended



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  1. Can you use this SIM card on a tmobile smartphone in case needed ?

    1. I'm not sure. T-Mobile could block mobile broadband SIMs from getting data in a phone. They recently started blocking phone SIMs from working in broadband devices but I don't know if they also blocked broadband SIMs in phones.

      In any case. T-Mobile's $30/month 100 minutes, unlimited texts, 5 GB Monthly 4G plan for phones is a better deal for data than any of the mobile broadband phones.

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